Jan 29, 2021
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The 10th season of the Stand Up show on TNT has started, where Yulia Akhmedova will appear as the host

15:24, 01/29/2021

The project will premiere on January 31, 2021.

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On Sunday, January 31, the 10th season of the Stand Up show starts on TNT. One of its creators, Yulia Akhmedova, will also appear on the project. For many years the host of the program has been Ruslan Bely, he also speaks with his jokes. However, in the first issue of the new season, Yulia Akhmedova will replace him in this post. It is worth noting that every year the main composition of the project is updated, so the comedian will present new stand-up comedians on the stage. Alexey Shcherbakov will also be one of the headliners of the first issue of 2021.

Last year, rumors appeared on the Web that Akhmedova had left the Stand Up show forever. However, it was later revealed that she had taken a sabbatical to work on her own projects. So, on February 14, 2020, TNT launched the show “We need to talk seriously” with Yulia Akhmedova. The heroes of the show are real couples. The girls turn to Julia and talk about the difficulties in their relationship. Either the guy does not want a magnificent wedding, then he does not know how to make surprises and give gifts, then he does not call for marriage and does not even offer to live together – these and other problems that worry many Russian couples, Yulia Akhmedova intends to help them resolve with the help of humor.

The 10th season of the Stand Up show on TNT has started, where Yulia Akhmedova will appear as the host

By the way, Akhmedova herself also has many problems in her personal life. By the age of 38, Yulia Akhmedova has never been married, she has no children. The artist admitted that she is afraid to live alone all her life. According to Yulia, she has no experience of healthy relationships. The longest romance of the humorist lasted more than four years, and Akhmedov calls this experience horror. By the way, as the TV star admitted, in a relationship they most often left her, not she. Only with the first chosen one Julia broke up on her own initiative.

According to Akhmedova, bipolar disorder prevents her from improving her personal life. She spoke about health problems in an interview with the YouTube show “And Talk?” last September. She noted that bipolar disorder interferes with her both in her career, there and in love affairs. “I have been treated with a doctor for many years, but with bipolar disorder, everything is very difficult. They can’t even diagnose you completely. Sometimes it is called depressive disorder, then bipolar. With bipolar, you fall out in plus and minus, and with depressive, you simply fail, there are no pluses, “Akhmedova shared.

“And talk?” with Yulia Akhmedova

Once, according to Julia, the comedian had a young man who, upon learning that his chosen one was taking pills, literally disowned her. “He said he was dumb,” Akhmedova explained. Julia herself assured that with such a diagnosis she would hardly be able to build a family. “I realized that I could not answer for anything. When you are depressed, there are times when you just lie in bed for a week and cannot get up. There are also panic attacks. I cannot give birth to a child, because depression can cover at any moment, and I will not be able to look after this child. I can’t get married, who cares? I screwed myself up, of course, “- said the star.

Recall that in October 2019, the media broke the news about the hospitalization of Yulia Akhmedova. It was reported that the artist was seen in a crisis center. Then both Julia and her manager declined to comment. Only in September last year, the Stand Up star admitted that she came to the clinic in a very depressed state, from which she could not get out without the help of specialists. Yulia Akhmedova takes antidepressants daily and visits a suicidologist once a week. “Depression is a fatal disease. I only deal with it with the help of doctors. I say this at many speeches, because I want to convey to people that it is very serious and dangerous, “- said the celebrity.

Yulia Akhmedova

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