Oct 27, 2021
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Thanks to everybody, you’re free

Thanks to everybody, you're free

Photo: Dmitry Feoktistov / TASS

The number of vacancies in all sectors of the economy is rapidly decreasing, and thousands of people enter the labor market every day. Whether it will still be – according to forecasts of economists in November this year, the growth rate of the number of unemployed may increase tenfold. There will be no demanded professions at all, everyone will go to the labor exchange.

“The company is not doing well, there are fewer and fewer recruiting orders. Someone suggested launching an advertising campaign for the agency, and they happily “mastered” the money for it. But the results are zero. And no wonder, given such and such an increase in unemployment, ”says a person close to a large recruiting firm.

Indeed, almost on every pillar you can now see an advertisement for the agency. For people, it only causes bewilderment, since it is not clear who exactly it is designed for. If for ordinary unemployed, then posting a resume there is free. It will be paid – no one will give money, people simply do not have it. And employing companies already know where to look for personnel. If you need it.

But it looks like it is not needed. On the same HeadHunter, there is a sharp outflow of offers for most positions (vacancies), in some cases – up to 90% and more. Their colleagues have a similar situation. After all, there are reductions everywhere.

A small metalworking workshop, there are machines – turning, milling, band saws etc., only a dozen and a half. A year ago, there was no room for customers, the company worked almost around the clock. But now there is silence. The machine has one person, all other equipment is idle.

“There are no orders, all of our regular customers have either turned up or“ smoke bamboo ”, because they also work for someone else. They take something there to someone, build or repair it. And everywhere is a complete ass. The workers, after everyone was sent on unpaid leave, ran away, I was left alone. And a milling machine operator, but he is now a “comer” – he works on calls in several offices at once. The owners have already put up half of the machines for sale, but no one is taking it. Well, even though the premises are your own, you don’t have to pay for rent. Basically I grind brake discs for people – people have nothing to buy new ones. This, of course, is wrong, the thickness often turns out to be less than the minimum permissible, but where to go … ”- complains the turner Viktor.

Techniques are now sold, indeed, the sea, the prices are reasonable. An industrial zone in the south of the capital, this firm sells catering equipment. The business is simple: they buy in bulk from ruined cafes and restaurants, of which there are now a lot, and then sell them. That is, they are trying. Judging by the state of the warehouse, trade is so-so, the whole room is crammed with electric stoves, meat grinders, ovens, deep fryers, sinks and other luxury, this is a real kingdom of shining stainless steel. Germany, Italy, South Korea, there are also domestic products.

“If you take a lot, I’ll make a luxurious discount. Eh, (unprintable expression), I was greedy for something – I got so much that I can’t sell. No, the equipment is not suitable for the house, it is all 380 volts, three phases. And if you had them, it would still be a bit too much. For example, the productivity of this meat grinder is hundreds of kilograms, it is unprofitable to drive it at smaller volumes (very powerful motor), and inconvenient, more minced meat will remain on the walls. In the summer they bought something else from me, but now it’s deaf in general, ”- business owner Denis swears.

In the huge room, only he and the gloomy guest worker, all the other employees, according to him, had to be calculated – there is no money to pay them their salaries. At the very least, it is still possible to scrape together for renting a warehouse, but no more. Moreover, the forecasts are the most pessimistic. In connection with the “anti-virus” innovations of the authorities, a new wave of ruins of cafes and restaurants is expected.

And so – everywhere.

“There is no demand for our products, so we are selling the electric motors purchased for its production. At least some money appears to support the company, otherwise it’s completely a pipe. Almost all the staff was fired, as you can see, you have to work as a storekeeper himself, ”Alexei laments.

When an overdressed secretary comes running from the office to “Mr. Commercial Director”, dressed in an oiled robe, and brings papers to be signed, it looks enchanting. But, alas, these are the realities of Russia in the fall of 2021.

A large Russian company, a manufacturer of automation for maintaining temperature, pressure and other parameters. It has always been famous for its good relations with users, among its clients – the entire oil industry, Gazprom, metallurgy. The equipment is of high quality, and, what is especially pleasant, it is really Russian, not reworked China. But now you can’t get through to the technical support service, you can hang on the phone for hours, listen to sad music and an answering machine – “Thank you for your patience.” Most of the techies were fired, now, if something “glitches”, no one will help you. There is no one.

Representative office of the company “Miele”, household appliances at exorbitant prices. Although good, you can’t argue with it. But the technical support service cannot be reached, there is the same problem. The hose of the washing machine is out of order – it happens. It will cost a German housewife less than 50 euros, delivery within the country is free. Here they are asking for 24 thousand rubles (300 euros). However … But it is not available, the warehouse has been liquidated altogether – everyone was fired. Order, month and a half, from Germany. And then about the same wait for the master. No, you cannot make an appointment in advance, only when the spare part arrives. There are no masters either, most of them have been calculated. Such is the “elite” service …

True, somewhere there is not enough staff, there are advertisements for recruitment. But no one wants to go for that kind of money and working conditions.

“Consider that we are no longer here. That’s it, we all quit together, we are working out the allotted two weeks. If no one is found, you will go to the next branch. There, however, girls also quit. They don’t want to pay normal money, and everyone is forced to be vaccinated. And we still want to live somehow, and there is no desire to leave children orphans, ”says an employee of one of the Moscow Region branches of the Russian Post.

There is a placard hanging on the door – “join our team”. True, it is not specified that for a salary of 20-25 thousand rubles, the work schedule is from eight in the morning to eight in the evening, an injection of unknown chemistry is required. But everyone knows this anyway. It seems that soon you will have to go to some other department …

Against this sad background, news about the next hundreds of thousands of migrants who were allowed to enter the Russian Federation sound especially creepy. The indigenous population of the country does not have enough places, people are ready to work with anyone, as long as they pay. But they are also deprived of this opportunity. Moreover, if the situation in the capital and the Moscow region is even more or less calm, then the further from the Kremlin, the more alarming.

“The multimillion flow of migrants from Asia is an attempt by the authorities to prevent the creation of a working class in the Russian Federation. Local labor resources are being destroyed, vocational education as a system has been completely eliminated, and work collectives are not being created. In fact, labor migrants, unwittingly, play the role of strikebreakers.

This is simply a purposeful policy of the authorities, which makes the indigenous population of Russia unnecessary. Moreover, in the national regions, the situation is much more acute, interethnic clashes have already begun. For example, when the Kyrgyz were brought to Yakutia. In Tatarstan, the situation is also on the brink. The locals are ready to work, it is a lie that there is no one to work. And in the metropolitan region, too, from Vladimir and other regions, people go to Moscow and work in 10-12 hours for 50-60 thousand rubles a month – they need to feed their families. But the authorities are trying to prevent this, “- explains the publicist and public figure Maxim Shevchenko

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