Feb 16, 2021
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Thanks to Chubais: MS-21 will not fly again

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov said that our MC-21, the first aircraft of this type, completely created in post-Soviet Russia, will not fly again this year. And although representatives of the Irkut corporation have assured that they will be able to complete the full transition to everything Russian this year, it is hard to believe, and the production of 3-5 aircraft is not a production that can become a competitor to Boeing. The reason is known: as the expert noted, the plane could not be launched due to the failure of import substitution, which direction was controlled by Anatoly Borisovich Chubais.

After the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Manturov announced that the start of deliveries of the MC-21 (“Trunk aircraft of the XXI century”) was again postponed to 2022, Kirill Budaev, the director of marketing and sales of civil aviation equipment of the Irkut corporation, decided to cheer up the people, informing that they will “beat” the plans and they plan to complete the certification of the Russian MS-21 aircraft by the end of this year. “We plan to complete the certification of this machine (MC-21 aircraft) this year and begin deliveries to commercial airlines,” said Kirill Budaev.

True, his words are rather an attempt to reassure workers and the population. Certification and the start of mass production were planned for 2017, but were postponed first to 2018 and then to 2021. Now, according to the plan, according to Manturov, by the end of 2022 Russia is going to enter the production of four aircraft, in 2023 to raise the bar to 10-15 aircraft, in 2024 – to produce 30 aircraft, by 2025 – 36 aircraft. In the future, Russia is going to produce 82 aircraft per year. The Ministry of Industry and Trade said that, if necessary, the production of MC-21 could be up to 100 units per year, “if there is a great demand in the domestic and foreign markets.”

And if it doesn’t, then there is nothing to release it. Vaughn Aeroflot buys Boeings and nothing. “A RIA FAN source at the airline said that Aeroflot plans to purchase about three Boeing-737 MAX aircraft. The very ones that the world has refused. The rationale is excellent – due to the fact that the market is now overflowing with both pilots and cars, and the demand for them has fallen due to the pandemic, there is a chance to get a brand new Boeing-737 MAX on lease at a “discount” price. Two plane crashes – October 29, 2018 in Jakarta and March 10, 2019 in Ethiopia – occurred due to a machine malfunction. At first, China refused to use the “maxes”, then the European Union, and after them all the Asian countries. The US was the last to “fall”, Boeing was forced to suspend the sale and modify the liner. Now they have reappeared on the market, more “improved and cheaper”. Aeroflot donates its Sukhoi Superjets to Rossiya Airlines. And here everything is fine – we will buy a cheap, but “civilized” marriage on the cheap and the officials will not have a headache about developing their own. But in their place were supposed to be the MS-21 – the first aircraft of this type, completely created in post-Soviet Russia.

What is the reason for the delay is not a secret – the plane, although it seems to be Russian, was planned with a foreign engine, power grids, electronics and wings. And none of the officials were bothered that the first sanctions against Russia were adopted in 2013 and far from over Crimea, but according to Magnitsky’s list. The “Western Party” of “respected” ministers, bankers and oligarchs told both naive Russians and no less naive president on a monthly basis that it was temporary and that Europe was about to see Nazis in Kiev, the absence of homosexuals in Chechnya, idiocy in the history of poisoning of the Skripals and further down the list. Moreover, all adequate experts, although there were only a few of them, immediately said that the sanctions would not be lifted and the West did not care about reality – they needed new markets and new 90s in Russia.

But in our country they preferred to believe it first, because the sanctions contradict the “invisible hand of the market”. And then, two years ago, this hand cracked so hard on our aircraft industry, which had begun to revive, that we still will not leave. In January 2019, the US Treasury blocked the sale of 40 Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft to Iran for $ 2 billion, or 134 billion rubles, simply by refusing to issue a sale license. Moreover, 40 aircraft is a trifle compared to Tehran’s plans to purchase 500 aircraft from Russia. “The plan of Iranian airlines to buy Russian-made passenger planes appears to have collapsed as a result of US sanctions. Since Boeing and Airbus ended their cooperation due to US sanctions, the country was left without new aircraft, only three Airbus aircraft were transferred, and not a single Boeing. However, the main thing here is that US trade restrictions affect both aircraft built in the United States and aircraft from other countries, which have a significant proportion of parts from the United States, ”the media wrote at the time.

Last year, Putin intervened personally. And yes, we overcome the sanctions with blood and sweat, but instead of helping in creation, we get sabotage after sabotage. OTR columnist Sergey Leskov said that after the refusal of American and Japanese partners, with the help of Rosatom structures, it was possible to solve the problem of the unique composite wing MS-21. And also to create a PD-14 engine at Perm Motors, which is already undergoing certification. However, pre-orders have only been received for vehicles with Pratt & Whitney. It is even more difficult with avionics, which remains the most painful part of the aviation industry. As the expert explained, the point is not that we are stupid, but that the ministers are “very smart” and the Chubais honestly work off their Western ration. The share of foreign electronics on Russian aircraft reaches 50%, although it does not exceed 20% in astronautics, and is completely absent in military aviation. “The explanation that for many years calls for import substitution have been hanging in the air should not be reduced solely to foreign policy intrigues. These processes began back in the 90s, when the best NGOs were either privatized and sold to international corporations. Or they were simply ruined for the construction of shopping centers. and residential quarters at best. And continued in our time, when, for example, RosNANO during Chubais’s time demonstratively thwarted developments with import-substituting topics. Where the influence of lobbyists was limited (astronautics, military aviation), the situation is tolerable. Civil aviation, as we can see turned out to be unprotected, “added Leskov.

As a result, the legacy of the 90s and Chubais’s open sabotage threaten the existence of Russian civil aviation as such. And here you understand why Stalin is still one of the most popular politicians in our country. Yes, simply, because then there were concepts in the criminal code “Sabotage” and “Wrecking”, according to which Anatoly Borisovich and his entire team would go to work as a “special representative” of a shovel at the construction site of the White Sea Canal. Moreover, to thunderous applause from the whole country. Until we have real criminal responsibility for disrupting strategic directions, while we walk in circles, thinking why people are getting angry.

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