Jul 21, 2021
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Tests abroad: why are they needed and how to pass them while staying in Russia?

When to contact foreign specialists

There are many laboratories in Russia that are ready to provide a wide range of services, including a wide variety of analyzes. And yet, in the Russian Federation, far from all advanced diagnostics are available that allow you to quickly and accurately determine the pathology and choose the treatment. This primarily concerns reagent kits for genetic tests, as well as ELISA tests, which are needed, for example, to identify allergies.

Most of the reagents used by domestic laboratories are imported. At the same time, many diagnostic systems are not yet supplied to Russia due to limited demand, little practice and high cost. So, in the country at the initial stage of development, there is the sphere of personalized nutrition, which is based on the results of the study of the genome (which genes can affect the assimilation of certain products) and the metabolome (how the body processes nutrients and synthesizes new substances).

What tests can be taken in Germany

If you need to pass a certain analysis, but in Russian medical institutions there are no technical and qualification opportunities to perform it, you should not be upset ahead of time. A way out of this situation can be the sending of biomaterials abroad, where the experience in this area is much greater.

In particular, the German company R-MED LTD., Which has been present on the market for over 17 years, has offices in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and offers its clients services for performing some complex tests, including:

  • NutriScreen + – the world’s largest panel for IgE immunoglobulins (type I allergy), namely 264 food products;

  • LipoSkan is an analysis that is performed to detect the level of cholesterol, incl. its seven pathogenic forms;

  • LipidGen – analysis of genetic polymorphism in lipid assimilation;

  • NeuroSpot + – diagnostics of hormones – stress mediators;

  • MetaCheck – genetic metabolic analysis that allows you to create a personalized diet, for example, for effective weight loss;

  • ImuPro – blood test for IgG to food (panel – up to 270 food products);

  • DAO – analysis for histamine intolerance.

How to send biomaterial to Europe without leaving the country

R-MED LTD. do their best to ensure that sending biomaterial (blood, saliva or urine) to a laboratory in Europe does not cost the client extra hassle. The patient does not need to contact intermediaries; tests can be taken at one of the company’s offices directly without leaving the country, which is especially important until the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided.

The R-MED LTD team. also undertakes the organization of the delivery of biomaterials to Germany, including the registration of the customs declaration and all related documents. All that remains to be done is to pass the analysis, paying for it already in the national, convenient for the client currency, and wait for the results, which, if necessary, can be presented in several languages ​​and will quickly come to e-mail. The decoding of such analyzes can be provided both to your attending physician and to any other specialists around the world.

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