Sep 20, 2022
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Test Yourself: How You Laugh Tells About You

Test Yourself: How You Laugh Tells About You

Do you cover your mouth with your hand when you laugh? You are not confident in yourself, often embarrassed, prefer to remain in the shadows. Advice: do not go too far with introspection and excessive self-criticism.

Do you often throw your head back when you laugh? You are obviously trusting, you have a broad nature. Sometimes you do unexpected things, consistent only with your feelings, but you should rely more on reason.

If you touch your lips with your little finger while laughing, it means that you like to be the center of attention.

Do you touch your face or head when laughing? Most likely, you are a dreamer. This is not bad, but is it really necessary to try so hard to fulfill your dreams, sometimes completely unrealistic? More sobriety and a realistic approach to life’s problems!

Wrinkle your nose when you laugh? Your feelings and views change quickly and often. You are an emotional person and, most likely, capricious. You easily succumb to a momentary mood, which creates difficulties for both you and those around you.

Laughing out loud with your mouth open? If yes, then you belong to temperamental, mobile people. To acquire a little restraint, moderation would not hurt you.

Before you laugh softly, do you tilt your head? You are kind-hearted, conscientious, accustomed to adapt to the situation. Your feelings and actions are always under control.

Do you hold your chin while laughing? Whatever age you may be, it is quite obvious that you have retained the features of youth in character. And, perhaps, that is why you often act without much thought.

Do you squint when you laugh? This indicates balance, self-confidence, an extraordinary mind. You are active and persistent. Sometimes, maybe more than necessary. In such cases, try to see yourself from the outside.

Do you have a certain way of laughing? Obviously, you belong to the individualists – in everything and always, first of all, you are guided by your own opinion. Perhaps many of your environment do not like it.

Elena Khakimova.


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