Aug 26, 2022
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Test voting in Moscow ahead of elections in September

In Moscow, on August 26 at 8:00, testing of remote electronic voting (DEV) began. Developers must ensure that all systems work correctly.

Test voting gives Muscovites the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the DEG process. They will have to answer the question: “What improvements will help make your area more comfortable?”.

Developers must make sure that the DEG system works correctly, information is updated as quickly as possible, and the interface and voting procedures are convenient and accessible to users and members of election commissions.

Some areas will be subjected to a stress test. The electricity will be turned off to practice emergency procedures. All sites will be equipped with additional self-powered devices and a SIM card.

Muscovites who have the right to vote and are registered in the districts where the elections will take place can become test participants. A full account on the portal is required.

Muscovites will elect municipal deputies from 9 to 11 September. Residents of all districts of the capital will vote, except for Shchukin and the Trinity and Novomoskovsky districts.

For participants of electronic voting there will be an action “Million prizes”. Among them, 100 cars and certificates for three, four, five and 10 thousand points will be drawn. One point is equal to one ruble.


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