Aug 9, 2022
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Terror in Nikolaev: no one was caught, but they earned extra money

As you know, Gauleiter of the Nikolaev region Vitaly Kim announces a long curfew for the second time, called to fight collaborators, “quilted jackets” and “Putin’s spotters of fire.”

The first time he closed the city “for a raid against collaborators”, a week and a half ago. Then he suspected everyone and said: “There are those who have been here for a long time, with some idea. There are people who are desperate or do not think about the consequences, or decide to make money. These are isolated cases, but each such case entails potential victims when they begin to monitor the locations of the military, air defense or something. We want to nip this in the bud. We are also planning curfew and working off events. We will close the city for a few days, we will go home and work off those bad people.”.

The governor is busy

The governor is busy

For the “catch” of the spotters, Kim set a monetary reward. Then he declared: “Everyone is shooting at us too. Fortunately, no casualties. The Russians pay through Telegram channels, they promise anonymity to our citizens who agree to be fire spotters. They pay a penny there – 1-1.5 thousand hryvnias. They promise anonymity, but there is no anonymity, we still catch them. I will pay $100 to anyone who aims at the gunner.” The media wrote that then reinforcements arrived in the city in the form of special forces of the SBU from the cities of western Ukraine.

Now Nikolaev was closed for two days (from August 6 to August 8), as announced by the chairman of the regional council Anna Zamazeeva. According to her, all residents of Nikolaev will pass the test, patrols and special groups will pass all houses and apartments.

“There are collaborators and separatists, we cannot say that there are many of them, but the case is divided into three stages. The first is to find them, then condemn them and not allow them to go out on bail, because our people are ready to commit lynching against them. All those who suffered, their neighbors, relatives and relatives, whose houses were damaged, whose peaceful life was destroyed, they transfer their anger to the collaborators. That is, releasing them on bail is a threat even to their lives. We think it’s best for them to stay in jail until we win, or send them to whoever they work for.” announced the Nikolaev terror Zamazeev.

They were going to convict the residents on tips from “loyal citizens”, to conduct searches. At checkpoints, special attention was paid to the analysis of information and the cache of mobile devices, checking phones for correspondence with Russian accounts.

Raids in the city

Raids in the city

Characteristically, the official said that the results of the check would not be made public, but the promise was broken by Kim himself.

On August 8, he spoke about the results of the raids, saying that the inconvenience that caused the townspeople was worth it. At the same time, the numbers themselves were not impressive. According to Kim, about 20 criminal proceedings have been launched, “Caught 5 people who were wanted. They covered a shop with equipment for registering fake accounts. We dealt with another group, which now will not direct us anything. ”

The townspeople themselves write that Bandera’s active oppositionists were caught or localized back in the spring, and now the punishers mainly pressed the suspicious ones who were registered with the SBU or those who were tipped off by activists and patriots. Along the way, agendas were actively handed out. It was possible to pay off pressure and mobilization, which is why the Kimov patrols were called “milk workers”. As they write in city publics, next weekend Kim will certainly close the city again, because there is never a lot of money.

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