Nov 14, 2021
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Terrible revenge of the Belarusian president

In the stream of accusations against Lukashenka, who allegedly arranged the migration crisis (either personally or in collusion with the Russian government), one thing is forgotten. The force that attracts migrants and encourages them to move from point A to point B is caused not by the wishes of the Belarusian president, but by purely material reasons. This is a higher level of security; these are material benefits that people were deprived of at home.

And the Poles are promoting another version: “The migrants were given methadone.” Article in English Telegraph that’s what it was called: “Poland warns migrants: Belarusian soldiers are trying to poison you”… The Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs also distinguished itself: “The security forces of Belarus give opioids and psychotropic drugs to migrants”… All mobile phones in the border area receive SMS-message: “The Polish border is closed. The Belarusian authorities are lying to you. Come back to Minsk! Do not take any pills from Belarusian soldiers “

However, even Poles do not dare to claim that migrants were stuffed with pills at “point A”. That their families left their Middle East under methadone.

The 1998 migrant is not like the 2021 migrant. The 2021 migrant is much more determined. He is no longer a submissive seeker of a better life. This is a man tormented by suspicion. He wants to understand who is to blame for becoming a refugee. Who made him worse?

It has always been believed in Europe that the “periphery” has no options to choose from; it will always keep the borders impenetrable in both directions due to its backwardness. This, they say, we, representatives of the “open society”, are free to remove their borders, and those who are not free by definition must sit on a leash at their border posts. And suddenly the “pariahs of progress” found out: bah! nothing obliges us to keep the borders shut!

Turkey was the first to realize that those who committed it should pay for the stupidity of the Europeans. And now they pay: 3 billion euros a year, plus a lot of political concessions.

Further, Belarus was designated for the role of the watchdog. However, the arrogant Brussels bureaucrats, under the guise of the Washington strategists, miscalculated here too. The backward “chairman of the collective farm” showed them the mother of Kuz’kina who had been promised by Khrushchev.

Let us recall what happened not so long ago at the other end of Europe. Over 10 months of 2018, more than 43,000 illegal migrants entered Spain from Morocco. In one day in May, 8,000 people crossed the border between Morocco and the autonomous city of Ceuta, a Spanish semi-enclave on the northern coast of Africa, with the inaction of Moroccan border guards.

If Turkey began to receive “for the containment of migrants”, then Morocco after that simply received a rent for overall stability. And has received more than € 13 billion since 2007.

Apart from Morocco, fragments of Libya are also trying to cling to the European budget.

In the new EU budget for 2021-2027. funds are provided to help countries bordering the European Union. Plus a € 9.5 billion emergency fund.

New York Times wrote that Lukashenka lets thousands of refugees from the Middle East into his country, and then sends them towards Poland. Poland has increased the grouping of forces in the area, bringing it to more than seventeen thousand people and including the military, border guards and the police. “This is a hybrid action of the Belarusian regime against Poland and the EU”– said Polish President Andrzej Duda. At the same time, Poland has banned journalists, aid organizations and EU officials from traveling to the border area, making it difficult to verify reports coming from the scene. Polish authorities said that as of November 10, a total of eight people had died while trying to cross the border. It is possible that they were simply shot.

Amnesty International (Amnesty International) and the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights) accuse Poland of illegally expelling migrants who have crossed the border back to the territory of Belarus. However, the Polish authorities passed a law to legalize such actions.

It is known how the countries of Europe behaved during the protests after the 2020 presidential elections in Belarus. After that, Lukashenko warned the West: “We stopped drugs and migrants – now you yourself will eat and catch them”– said then the Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus Ivan Kubrakov.

So, Lukashenka is accused of “It lets migrants in by the thousands, and then sends them westward towards Poland and the EU”… And why New York TimesIs this combat leaflet of the American Deep State silent when many more illegal immigrants travel through France to England? If they are already in France, then Macron let them in? They reached, drove to Calais using French transport, road signs that Macron did not knock down. So, Macron sent these illegal immigrants to the British?

The migrants heard Lukashenka’s signal. And they drove in thousands to where the difference in economic potential leads them. Only the involvement of Belarus in the destruction of Libya, Syria, Iraq could indicate the active role of Belarus and its leadership in the current crisis. However, the same Poles are much more involved in this, willingly sending their military contingents together with the rest of NATO troops to the hot spots of the planet. What this leads to, we now see.


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