Sep 22, 2022
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Tensions rise in once-calm northern region

expropriation in Latvian

Prime Minister of Latvia K. Karins threatens to take away from the gas operator Latvia Look»34 percent of whose shares belong to Gazprom, the blue fuel pumped into the Inchukalns gas storage facility, if households are not provided with it. Meanwhile, head Latvia Look» A.Kalvitis said even in the summer that there would not be enough gas for households. Most of its volume was purchased by Latvian and foreign merchants.

Yes, and the government, represented by the Minister of Economy I. Indriksone, stated that Latvia does not rely on Russian gas, but on gas from the Klaipeda terminal (later, however, it turned out that the terminal sold all volumes to non-Latvian companies).

Now Kalvitis wants to correct his short-sighted policy by expropriating gas from Latvia Look» and transferring it to the Latvian campaign Latvenergo». In this case, he cannot avoid lawsuits from those who have already contracted this gas. After all, this is nothing more than an attempt on private property, the care of which is so proud of in the EU countries.

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The Finns began to call for the deployment of NATO bases on their territory. The leaders of the largest opposition National Coalition Party propose to provide the territory of the once non-aligned country for NATO command structures and permanent military contingents. It was opposed by small government forces – the Left Union and the Swedish People’s Party, the majority of voters of which, until recently, adhered to anti-NATO positions. They urge to follow the example of Sweden, which, when deciding to join NATO, stipulated that it should not host NATO bases on its territory. The possible victory of the coalitions in the parliamentary elections in April 2023 would put the issue of NATO bases squarely, which would bring even moreaboutmore tension in the once calm northern region.

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