Nov 7, 2021
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Ten people injured in assassination attempt on Iraqi prime minister – media

As a result of the attack on the residence of the head of the Iraqi government, Mustafa al-Kazemi, ten people from the security service were injured, Al-Hadath reports.

According to Al Arabiya, near the territory where the US Embassy and other diplomatic missions are located, “there was an intense firefight” during the attack. The aircraft was intercepted.

Al Arabiya previously reported that Mustafa al-Kazemi was taken to hospital after an unmanned aerial vehicle attack on his residence in Baghdad.

The politician himself wrote in his Twitter account that he was not hurt. “I’m fine,” he said, and urged everyone to be calm and restrained.

The country’s security forces have confirmed the report of the attack. It was noted that a mined drone attacked a residence in the “green zone” in the Iraqi capital. At the same time, the authorities also said that al-Kazemi was not injured.

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