Feb 20, 2021
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Tell the children about this. 5 rules of skin care in youth

“The approach to your own skin should be like an expensive shoe or a luxury item – the earlier you start taking care of it, the longer it retains its gloss and freshness,” says dermatologist, cosmetologist Stanislav Arkannikov… What rules for facial care should be instilled in your child in adolescence in order to avoid skin problems in adulthood, the expert told

The parental example is contagious

Taking care of your skin should start from childhood. First, it’s up to the parents. The baby’s skin is delicate, thin, sensitive and not yet fully formed – there is no protective properties of the lipid layer, and the sebaceous glands do not produce enough sebum for hydration and elasticity. Therefore, it is necessary to choose care cosmetics with an infant index, which moisturize, nourish, and fight irritation, hypersensitivity and diaper rash.

As the baby grows up, the role of the personal example of the parents increases. The way mom and dad take care of themselves, the child reads and then reproduces in his independent life. Ideally, by entering adolescence, a person should already have basic grooming skills. But then problems begin that require a special approach – inflammation, blackheads and acne.

Blooming youth

In adolescence, the skin instantly reflects all the problems of growing up and hormonal changes. Still immature, it is protected from the environment by the development of special compounds. Overactive sebaceous glands result in excess sebum production. Mixing with dust and dirt from the outside, it can clog the pores and contribute to the formation of comedones – blackheads first, and when an infection is attached – inflammation, suppuration, acne and boils. If the situation is not taken under control and you do not learn how to deal with it competently, there is a chance to get post-acne – the unpleasant consequences of improper acne removal in the form of small scars on the face, which are very difficult to remove. So that it doesn’t come to this, you should take as a rule a few basic techniques for caring for young skin.

There are fundamental differences between mature and adolescent skin. Conventionally, the care protocol for an adult is cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition, protection. In most cases with adolescents, moisturizing and nutrition is best replaced by drying.

Rule # 1. Start your day by washing your face

This rule remains paramount in the care of any skin, but especially teenage and especially in the morning. This is a very important point, because the highest activity of the sebaceous glands begins at 4-5 am and reaches a maximum in the morning. Any sebum produced must be washed off. Otherwise, the attachment of dirt, clogging of pores, inflammation – acne occurs.

Rule # 2. Use only cosmetics with a teenage index

There is a huge group of cosmetics targeted at adolescence with its main concerns. Good cleansers with non-aggressive formulations, youth tonics, masks, peels and alcohol-containing lotions are used with great care. The use of moisturizers for teens is an exception, as the skin is already over-hydrated.

Rule number 3. Dry, but not dry

In the fight against comedones and acne, it is important to dry the problem areas with special compounds after the main cleansing. These are often lotions containing salicylic acid or other drying agents. And here the main thing is not to overdo it – not to overdry and not to start the processes of premature aging. A competent doctor will help you find a balance.

Rule number 4. A visit to the beautician is required

Young men under 18 and girls up to 14-16 years old do not need to consult a beautician if they have generally normal skin with rare single rashes, which are easily controlled by moderate use of drying factors.

A teenager with problem skin, like a girl who has started using decorative cosmetics, must visit a specialist. It is important that this is a competent doctor with basic medical education and specialization in dermatology. He will introduce age-appropriate balanced care protocols, help to avoid dryness and explain the main principles of using color cosmetics without harm to the skin. At least the need to apply a moisturizing makeup base.

For problem skin, courses of chemical peels based on fruit acids will probably be recommended. For acne treatment, two priorities will be – based on mandelic acid or pyruvic acid. These same acids are included in teenage cosmetics for acne acne.

Rule number 5. Never use anti-age cosmetics at a young age

All anti-aging formulations are aimed at activating the dying functions of skin cells. And if you start to activate an already vigorous young cell, it will turn on the processes of inhibition by contradiction – it will “fall asleep” like an age one. The active synthesis of the necessary substances will stop in the skin, and without external injection support, it will begin to fade quickly.

Compliance with these simple rules will help young men and women not lose their freshness before maturity. Then the game will begin in a different age range. But the main rules will remain the same – care should be age-appropriate, balanced and regular.

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