Jan 28, 2021
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Telegin’s friend: Pelageya accused ex-husband of financial fraud

The divorce of the singer Pelagia and hockey player Ivan Telegin ended in December last year, but he exposed the assets and disputes about alimony continue.

Telegin's friend: Pelageya accused ex-husband of financial fraud

Singer Pelageya continues to look for pennies, allegedly hidden from her during the divorce by hockey player Ivan Telegin. The farewell of the astral couple happened last year. They were able to agree on the amount of alimony for their common daughter Tasya and even agreed on a schedule of meetings between the child and the batey.

According to a friend of Ivan Telegin, who wished to remain anonymous, Pelageya accused the former faithful of financial fraud.

“Her mother even allegedly took detectives to find Telegin’s ‘hidden’ junk,” said the young lady about the rumors in the “sports party”.

She added that the singer harassed the hockey player’s guns on herself, and transferred her own fees to her mother. So much so that during the divorce, according to a friend of Telegin, Pelageya asked to share the junk, in which she herself did not put a penny.

The young lady recalled that the performer appears on the Forbes list with an annual income of $ 1.5 million.

A friend of Telegin’s told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that in Pelageya they speak of oppressed pride and jealousy, as if her ex-husband was dating a young businesswoman Maria Gonchar. In this regard, as if the young lady thinks, the singer demanded 800 thousand rubles a month in alimony, an elite apartment in the residential complex “Kutuzovskaya Riviera” and pennies for the driven Bentley Continental GT.

Telegin also allowed the ex-wife to keep a house in Newly made Riga, on which he pays the mortgage, and guaranteed the child a nanny. In addition, the athlete is able to support Mark’s son from Evgenia Nour.

“Pelageya is sure that Masha was sent by Ivan’s friends, who need his millions. Alkaya Masha is from a wealthy family, her parents are some of the richest people in Nizhnevartovsk, ”said Telegin’s acquaintance about her new lover Telegin.

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