May 15, 2022
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Teenage girl discovers she has a rare allergy to water

the girl has a rare allergy to waterWhen Abigail Beck was 13 years old, she realized that something strange was happening to her body.

the girl has a rare allergy to water

Once a young resident of Tucson (Arizona, USA) asked her mother: does it seem to her that dripping rain burns like acid? The parent did not pay attention to children’s speeches, but in vain. Abigail did feel a burning sensation when the water came into contact with her skin, and the symptoms began to get worse. Now the heroine of this story is 15 years old, and she mustered up the courage to see a doctor. It turned out that the patient suffers from a rare allergy known as aquagenic urticaria, that is, an allergy to water.

the girl has a rare allergy to water

The life of a teenage girl is not easy. She can’t shower often, and when she tries to drink clean water, nausea and vomiting begin, so Abigail has been quenching her thirst with energy drinks and pomegranate juice for a long time. Even such a natural state as crying causes the girl suffering – her face turns red and “burns” from her own tears.

the girl has a rare allergy to water

Worst of all, aquagenic urticaria, due to its rarity, is practically not studied. No one knows why it can manifest itself and how best to treat it. Treatments typically include antihistamines, ultraviolet light, steroids, creams that act as a water barrier, and bathing in sodium bicarbonate. Abigail tries her best to look at her condition with optimism, but admits that sometimes she gets very scared. In the meantime, the girl is busy raising people’s awareness of water allergies, because many are sure that such a disease simply does not exist, and this is just a joke. Abigail, who is no joke, wants to take a rare disease seriously.

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