Jan 9, 2022
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Teacher to stand trial for vaccinating teenager at home

vaccination of a teenager at homeThe act of Laura Parker Russo, a biology teacher from the United States, is considered more than strange.

vaccination of a teenager at home

The woman came to her friend’s home and, taking advantage of her friend’s absence, injected her 17-year-old son. It is assumed that the teenager received the Covid-19 vaccine, and this raises a lot of questions. Laura has no medical education, and it is not clear where and how she got the vaccine – and if it was a vaccine at all.

vaccination of a teenager at home

When the boy’s mother returned home, the son told her about the vaccination, after which the woman went to the police. Laura was suspended from work and is now awaiting trial, refusing to comment. For the authorities, this case became another reason to remind people that unofficial vaccination at home is unacceptable.

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