Oct 17, 2020
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“Teacher of Tears” encourages people to cry to relieve stress

japanese tear teacherHidefumi Yoshida, a former high school teacher, quit his job and devoted his life to a completely different teaching activity.

japanese tear teacher

A resident of Japan calls himself a "teacher of tears", and the technique he created is "rui-katsu" (which can be roughly translated as "searching for tears"). The man regularly conducts seminars and lectures throughout the country, teaching people to cry and urging them not only not to be ashamed of it, but also to treat tears as a great blessing. It turns out that crying has a very beneficial effect on the body and allows you to relieve stress much better than laughter or sleep. Considering that many adults in Japan live in an almost constant stressful enclosure, there are more and more people who want to learn from Hidefumi.

japanese tear teacher

At the same time, the teacher, who is sure that you need to shed at least one tear a week, says that the type of crying is very important. You need to cry from watching a tearful touching drama, reading books or listening to songs and music that bring you into the right state. But crying from grief is completely unhelpful - it brings on a person long-term sadness, and this can have additional negative consequences.

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