Dec 28, 2020
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Tbilisi decides on foreign policy directions

Integration into EU and NATO named as uncontested priority of Georgia’s foreign policy

The Parliament of Georgia on Friday, December 25, adopted a resolution “On Foreign Policy”, in which the main goals of the country are to enter the European Union and NATO, as well as to restore territorial integrity by peaceful means and with the support of the international community.

Opposition MPs who refused to work in parliament did not take part in the development of this resolution, which was voted for by 81 MPs of the ruling Georgian Dream party. These votes were enough for the adoption of a document in which integration into the EU and NATO was named “Non-alternative foreign policy priorities”

“The government will continue the timely and effective implementation of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement and will continue the process of moving Georgia towards consistent legislative and institutional convergence with the EU so that Georgia can apply for full EU membership in 2024,”

– the text of the resolution is quoted by the Georgian edition “Georgia Online”

The resolution also designates Georgia’s strategic partners – the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. They also noted cooperation with the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe, which, according to the Georgian government, should be used more actively, because this cooperation can facilitate and accelerate integration into the EU.

The development of relations with the countries of the Black Sea region was called very important and significant.

“Priorities for Georgia are strategic partnership with Turkey and Azerbaijan, strengthening good-neighborly and friendly relations with Armenia, as well as maximum realization of the strategic potential in relations with Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine”,

– says the text of the resolution.

Georgia sees itself as a regional hub connecting East and West, in connection with which Tbilisi has an important and responsible mission – maintaining “international peace”, and not just stability in the region. To this end, Georgia will continue to take part in peacekeeping operations, and in alliance with international partners – “to fight global challenges”, among which the coronavirus pandemic and environmental problems caused by warming are named.

As for the Russian Federation, Tbilisi is going to continue “A pragmatic and principled policy towards Russia”… In the document, Russia is named “A country from which conventional and hybrid threats emanate”… At the same time, Tbilisi will always remember: the main thing in relations with Russia is to think about the Georgian state interests and “Comply with the norms of international law” and then there will certainly be an opportunity to restore the country’s territorial integrity.

Well, the most important goal of the Georgian government throughout the next year will be to deepen relations with Washington, with the most important Georgian strategic partner, with the most important ally. At the heart of this relationship is the Charter for Strategic Partnerships between the United States and Georgia. Deepening these relations is necessary in order to increase the US presence in the Black Sea basin and “Strengthen cooperation in the field of defense”

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