Feb 20, 2021
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Tax for "crooks and thieves"

Quietly, imperceptibly, as is customary in the financial sector, a real tax revolution has taken place in Russia. In fact, the country has established total control not only over income, but, and this is most important, over expenses. I would very much like this fact to lead to the fact that those who cut the budget in selfish interests will be taken as the “fifth point”. Who has long confused a personal wallet with the state budget. Control over spending is a powerful blow to those who officially have penny incomes, but at the same time live on a grand scale.

Until now, control over spending in our country has been ad hoc. Some were noticed, others were missed. Sometimes it is not selfless. Now the situation has changed dramatically. If a person, having no official income, buys real estate, cars, land plots, then the Federal Tax Service has the right and the desire to receive information from him with an answer to the question: where does the money come from? Economist Mikhail Delyagin believes that significant problems will arise not for those hard workers who are forced to work in the gray zone, but for those who have turned it into their habitat.

It is clear that the tax authorities will not hunt for the bulk of the 30 million people who live in the shadows in our country simply because there is nothing to take from them. Already today these people can be caught. The legal basis for catching a person who earns somewhere in the shadow of 30 thousand rubles, but no problems, all this is there. It’s just that every tax officer understands: well, well, I’ll catch – not even with 30 thousand, but with 50 thousand. I will probably get unpaid taxes on this amount – there is something to take from a person – but I will spend much more money on it, that is, it is unprofitable. Therefore, at this stage, I see no reason for alarm, because they will catch large deviators, – suggested the Doctor of Economics.

The FTS, strange as it may sound, has always had access to both state registers and citizens’ incomes, but could not always use this information. Now the tax authorities can in practice apply the following tactics to any of us: if the product you purchased is clearly beyond the reach of the person, then he will receive a “letter of happiness” from the Federal Tax Service, demanding to appear at the tax office and explain where you got this money from. “Grandma left an inheritance” is an option for an explanation with the tax authorities, but if you constantly buy real estate, expensive cars, take out a mortgage, and through it legalize illegally obtained funds, then the fiscal “sword of Damocles” will surely cut such criminal schemes.

What to expect in the future? Expect, of course, the control of the tax authorities over both business and citizens. Everything is heading towards this, and all the methods that are now used testify to this. I do not quite agree that this is a fight against gray wages, it is more a fight against unaccounted income of individuals. Because the fact that gray salaries are paid there is one moment, but there are many incomes that pass by the tax inspection – and tax is not paid on them. Everything goes to the fact that everyone will start paying taxes, – explained tax consultant Alexey Gatin. – And what will it lead to? To the fact that black salaries will become a thing of the past. And, as a person who pays white salaries, I will say that this is not bad.

For the vast majority of compatriots, there is no reason for serious concern. The tax office has long been aware of when, where and what we buy. Another thing is that the changes that have occurred can become in reality a real tax revolution, if swindlers and thieves in the state service understand that the new melts have become a reality from which it is impossible to buy off.

Control should concern everyone, and not certain groups of citizens, – Olga Lebed, Candidate of Sociological Sciences, is sure. – Then it is possible that there will be no resistance to control. If we are all the same, if we have the same rights and obligations to everyone, then we can. The problem will arise if control is introduced only over the expenses of ordinary citizens. If they try to find out the origin of additional income only in this group of the population. In any case, the entire control system must be transparent so that no one has to prove that you are not a camel.

According to official Rosstat data, Russian citizens spend about 10 trillion rubles annually from the so-called gray income. Even if we collect at least personal income tax from this amount, then the additional budget income, namely this tax, mainly forms the budgets of our cities, will amount to 1.3 trillion rubles. This is a very serious amount. By the way, it accounts for almost half of all oil and gas revenues that Russia receives for the whole year. I hope that the Federal Tax Service will be able to take this money, especially from those dealers who have turned our country into a “rotational village”, where they make money and live over the hill. This will be a key moment for the further development of the situation in Russia. Stop dividing the country into those who pay taxes in full and those who, like a crook, leave them. The near future will show whether this fact will become a reality.

Yuri Pronko

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