May 1, 2021
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Tax deductions, two tests for COVID-19 and car trade through “Gosuslugi”: what will change in the life of Russians in May

From May 1 in Russia it will be possible to conduct a deal on the purchase and sale of a used car through the portal of state services. In addition, Russians returning from abroad are now required to take two PCR tests for COVID-19. Along with this, in May, fines will be introduced for disembarking free-of-charge children from transport and the punishment for violation of traffic rules when crossing railway lines will be toughened. Also, in May, they will simplify the filing of an application for a tax deduction. Now the owners of the taxpayer’s personal account will not submit 3-NDFL certificates and a number of other documents to the tax authorities. About these and other changes in the life of Russians – in the material RT.

Penalty for disembarking free-rider children

From May 1, a fine will come into force for the forced disembarkation of a child from a bus, trolleybus or tram who does not have a ticket or who cannot pay for the fare.

The collection amount will be 5 thousand rubles for the driver and 20-30 thousand rubles for the controller.

It is noted that if children are accompanied by adults and do not pay for travel, then they must leave the transport at the nearest stop.

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Two tests for returning from abroad

From May 1, all Russian citizens returning to the country from foreign trips are required to take two PCR tests, not one. Previously, these requirements applied only to those arriving from Turkey and Tanzania.

Both studies must be carried out no later than five days from the moment of arrival in the territory of the Russian Federation, while between the first and second tests it is necessary to wait at least a day. The results must be downloaded through a single portal of public services.

Sale of used cars through “Gosuslugi”

From May 1, you can draw up transactions for the purchase and sale of used vehicles and lease agreements through the portal of public services. To do this, users need to upload a number of documents, in particular, a vehicle passport, a registration certificate and an OSAGO policy (if any)

According to the Ministry of Digital Science, the innovation will simplify the procedure for concluding contracts for the sale of cars between citizens.

“As a result of the introduction of the mechanism of electronic contracts on the portal of public services, the time for the execution of contracts with vehicles will be significantly reduced, the risk of errors in their preparation will be eliminated and the security of the transactions themselves will increase,” said Alexey Gorobtsov, Director of the Department of Advanced Digital Solutions of the Ministry of Digital Industry.

Penalty for violation of traffic rules at a railway crossing

From May 1, the fine for violating traffic rules when crossing the railway will increase from 1 to 5 thousand rubles. The violation can also result in a driving license revocation for a period of three to six months.

In this case, we are talking about such violations as crossing tracks outside the crossing, leaving the railway with a closed or closing barrier, as well as with a prohibiting signal. In addition, you can get a fine for driving on an unregulated level crossing with an approaching train.

Benefits to the Hermitage

On May 1, one of the largest art museums in the world – the State Hermitage – reintroduces discounted tickets for children, students, pensioners and disabled people of the 1st and 2nd groups.

For them, a visit to the main complex of the museum will cost 300 rubles, while they will be able to enter the main headquarters of the Hermitage free of charge.

Remote for the elderly

From May 1, the transfer of employees over 65 to remote work becomes advisory, and not mandatory. At the same time, the previous temporary rules on sick leave for the elderly are being canceled.

Previously, a restriction on full-time work of persons over 65 was introduced in the regions by decision of local authorities. Elderly citizens had to be transferred to remote work with salary retention or sent to sick leave, payment for which was carried out from the Social Insurance Fund.

Benefits for children of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Rosgvardia

From May, children of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Service of the National Guard Troops will receive benefits when entering universities subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Russian Guard. At the same time, it is noted that the right of priority admission to the relevant higher educational institutions will be granted only if the exams are successfully passed, all other things being equal – for example, if two applicants with the same number of points apply for one place.

Previously, only the children of military personnel had similar benefits for admission to specialized educational institutions.

Moscow without trucks

From May 5, freight transport with a carrying capacity of more than 3.5 tons will not be able to move along the Moscow ring road without a pass. The time of validity of restrictions on entry and movement for trucks over 1 tonne in the area of ​​the Third Transport Ring is also changing – from 06:00 to 22:00 for the period from 07:00 to 23:00.

At the same time, drivers of these categories of cars will now be able to receive day (from 07:00 to 23:00) and night (from 23:00 to 07:00) passes to enter the transit zones of Moscow. Previously, a one-time pass (valid no more than five days) and an annual pass were issued.

Simplified procedure for obtaining tax deductions

From May 20, the owners of the taxpayer’s personal account will no longer fill out 3-NDFL and provide supporting documents to receive tax deductions. Contacts with the Federal Tax Service will be carried out remotely. Tax officials will check the taxpayer’s eligibility for the deduction themselves.

We are talking about property deductions for expenses for the purchase of housing and repayment of interest on loans, investment deductions for transactions recorded on an individual investment account, as well as directly on tax deductions.

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