Jan 25, 2021
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Tatyana’s day January 25, 2021: divine and national traditions of the holiday

Tatyana's day January 25, 2021: divine and national traditions of the holiday

Tatiana’s day is celebrated by everyone, without exception, observing not only divine, but also folk traditions. The saint, in whose honor the holiday is held, is revered as the patroness of those who study, and those who have to pass the exams pray to her with special zeal.

Every year on January 25, a holiday called Tatiana’s Day is held. In 2021, the clergy are gathering believers again to hold solemn services, pray to the saint and ask her for intercession. Experts suggest getting to know the traditions of this day in order to make a holiday with your family and be sure to get patronage from higher powers.

In Orthodoxy, Tatiana’s day is called both Tatiana Epiphany and Tatiana Rimskaya. The story of the great martyr says that she was born into a wealthy family, which truly believed in the Lord. Tatiana kept a vow of chastity and during the persecution was attacked by pagans. Her sincere prayers supported the destruction of the pagan sanctuary, but the unfortunate woman could not escape torture. Tatiana’s torment ended after the execution, she was canonized, and the saint has been praying ever since to gain patience, not to succumb to provocations and continue the path of a righteous life.

On the day of the feast of January 25, believers attend solemn services at which they pray to the holy great martyr. They ask the patroness of students and students for wisdom, humility and happiness in their personal lives.

Tatyana’s Day is also a holiday in honor of the creation of the Moscow State University. It was created by order of Empress Elizabeth, signed on January 25, 1755. Since 2005, the festive date has been considered the All-Russian Day of Students, and in one of the buildings of Moscow State University anyone can pray to the Great Martyr in a small church.

On January 25, students take a rest, and also observe the tradition: do not learn anything on this day, but before going to bed, go to the balcony or stick out your hand through the window, holding the record book, in order to successfully pass the exams. A simple spell: “Freebie, come to your senses!” revered as witchcraft and helps to pass exams successfully.

On Tatiana’s day, according to folk signs, it is impossible to offend anyone, otherwise the frenzy of the great martyr will be great. Mutual assistance and disinterested kind-hearted deeds, vis-a-vis, help to bring positive changes into life.

Tatiana’s day has absorbed both Orthodox and national roots. At this time, everyone will be able to enlist the support of Saint Tatiana, forget about adversity, and also congratulate all Tatyana’s acquaintances on the holiday.

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