May 30, 2022
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Tatyana Vedeneeva is afraid of losing her villa on the Cote d’Azur and housing in Riga


TV presenter and actress Tatyana Vedeneeva is seriously afraid of losing property abroad due to sanctions.

The famous actress and TV presenter Tatyana Vedeneeva admitted that she was seriously afraid of losing her home in Riga and on the Cote d’Azur. Last year, the celebrity had thoughts that it was necessary to sell real estate, because the clouds were gathering, but she did not have time to do anything.

The actress shared her experiences in the program “The Stars Came Together” on NTV. Vedeneeva admitted that she last visited her apartment last year. Now the star is thinking of getting rid of them before it’s too late.
I was there last year, but there are prerequisites that they can take everything away from all Russians”, Vedeneeva worries. The TV presenter says that communal services abroad are getting more expensive all the time, but so far there has been no recalculation.

Tatyana Vedeneeva
Tatyana Vedeneeva

In France, for example, it is accepted that utility bills, spending on the Internet, etc. are debited from the account automatically. A few years ago, the actress created a single account and replenished it as needed, but now it is not clear how to transfer money abroad.

A month, about 500 euros goes to a communal apartment, almost the same amount costs the actress’s apartment in the center of Moscow. But if in Russia it can pay for utilities in a dozen different ways, then in Europe this is now a problem, and non-payers are dealt with harshly.

As soon as the owner does not pay the bills, Europeans have the right not only to change the lock, but to put the apartment up for sale“ she says. And against the backdrop of the aggravated political situation in the world, all processes can be greatly accelerated.

There are prerequisites that they can take away from all Russians. In the sixth point of the European sanitation, which they are preparing, there is an addition: all Russian citizens will be prohibited in Europe from any real estate transactions. Not only buying, but also selling, renting“, – said the star.

Tatyana Vedeneeva
Tatyana Vedeneeva

She, like other celebrities, is inclined to believe that elite foreign housing should be disposed of as soon as possible. “Now I think this: it is necessary to sell this apartment of mine before it’s too late.“, – says Tatiana. But so far she has not put up an apartment in Riga and on the Cote d’Azur for sale. Earlier, she said that the place where her home is located is very beautiful and it will be hard to part with it.

Near Monaco, the Alps descend directly into the sea … Everything is very close there: 40 minutes by car to Italy, two hours to Spain, four hours to Switzerland and Germany. And the place is very international. There you least feel like an alien”, Vedeneeva shared a couple of years ago.

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