Nov 11, 2021
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Tatyana Vasilyeva spoke critically about those who talk about harassment


74-year-old actress Tatyana Vasilyeva believes: “This is normal sex – holding a dick in your hand“.

The actress has been playing in theater and cinema for half a century. She has worked with many director friends. At the same time, it is much more difficult for her to communicate with women. Vasilyeva noted that such stars as Elena Proklova, Maria Maksakova and Masha Rasputina could never become her friends.

They are dull, you can’t get through there. Even crazy Lolita is closer to me. I have loved ones and there are those whom I would not like to see next. I love Olya Bogdanova, she is very good, she turns to me for advice“, – said Tatiana Grigorievna.

The star of the film “Womanizer-2” condemned the actresses who tell indecent details about themselves and men. At the same time, Vasilyeva herself knows what it means to face rudeness. She said that her husbands called her a brainless chicken. Once the artist heard Oleg Efremov say that he did not love her. I had to endure the difficult character of director Valentin Pluchek.

Tatiana Vasilieva
Tatiana Vasilieva

As a man, I did not love him, but I really needed him as a teacher. He made me an artist, he brought me to the stage of the best theater in Moscow, and I played all the main roles. He believed in me. I trusted him completely. And he scolded me very much, especially when he was jealous. He came to my mother and said “I can not do anything with her, she plays terribly.” He crashed my girlfriend’s car with an umbrella when he realized that I was not with him. He loved me. But he had a wife“, – said Vasilyeva.

Tatyana Grigorievna condemns Elena Proklova, who began to be frank about the harassment of an actor and director, whose name she never gave. Many came to the conclusion that we are talking about Oleg Tabakov, with whom she starred in the film “Burn, burn, my star.” Vasilyeva assured that her colleague told in the show “Secret for a Million” about the shameful fact of her biography in pursuit of big money.

Proklova’s act can only be explained by a good fee. It just can’t be that way. Talk about it after so much time, and even about such an actor? If to speak, then with a plus sign, that he drew attention to her, wanted to marry her, arranged for her in the best theater school. But not with the fact that he forced him to hold a member in his hand. So what? It’s normal sex to hold a dick in your hand. It turned out stupidly. I think the majority condemned it. She dutifully performed all this and after a hundred years decided to tell in all the details. I call this moral debauchery. What can a woman say about this like this“, – Tatyana Grigorievna said emotionally in the YouTube show” Open, David! “

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