Oct 21, 2021
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Tatyana Vasilyeva spoke about the quarrel with Efim Shifrin


Actress Tatyana Vasilyeva made peace with the satirist.

It seemed that until recently, the artist spoke unflatteringly about Efim Shifrin, noting that he threw her at work. As it turns out now, Tatyana Vasilyeva continues to communicate with her colleague and even intends to go out with him on the same theatrical stage.

Vasilyeva does not hold any grudge against Shifrin and believes that at some point they both simply did not understand each other. “We are fine. Now, only one reason everything can change is the coronavirus and the measures that can be taken in this regard. In fact, Efim Shifrin and I did not quarrel. It’s just that there are different situations. Now we continue to work together and we are doing well. You just can’t throw good partners around“, – assured the 74-year-old actress

Efim Shifrin
Efim Shifrin

On October 26, the actors can be seen in the play “Dance with me”.

We will remind, earlier Tatyana Grigorievna spoke unflatteringly about the former friend Stas Sadalsky, noting his difficult character. “Nothing connects me with Sadalsky, it’s all in the past. I feel good without this person“, – she noted.

The actor, in turn, did not remain silent and sharply answered Vasilyeva. “Most of today’s oldies are really quite unpleasant to talk to. Bile, evil, with an excessively inflated ego, everyone around them owes something, it is not clear for what merits. From them, their own relatives are hanged … Long live the young!“- said Sadalsky.

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