Sep 17, 2022
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Tatyana Vasilyeva is expected to replenish the family


75-year-old actress Tatyana Vasilyeva is preparing for the appearance of another grandson, for whom she will again have to earn money.

Tatyana Vasilyeva has repeatedly said that she is dissatisfied with the size of her pension, which, with all her regalia, is only 60 thousand rubles. Maybe that would have been enough for her if it weren’t for the heirs, whom the honored actress still helps financially.

Son Philip, no longer known for his achievements, but for having three children from two wives, will soon become the father of a fourth child. “Waiting again. In anticipation and love”, – Vasilyeva’s daughter-in-law, the second wife of her son, Maria Bolonkina, wrote on social networks, in which her and Philip’s daughter Mirra is growing up.

Tatyana Vasilyeva with her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren
Tatyana Vasilyeva with her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren

Tatyana Vasilyeva, at the age of 75, will have to continue to exhaust herself with tours in order to earn an extra penny. It is known that she managed to get permission to see Philip’s eldest sons, who now live in Germany, only after she bought each boy an apartment in Moscow. Now Ivan and Grigory are allowed to visit their father and grandmother.

Last season, Vasilyeva also bought expensive trips to exotic islands for her son and family. As a result, they were dissatisfied, because they were covered with rain there, and then they were almost eaten by marine life that crawled ashore.
The actress then publicly quarreled with the tour operator, accusing him of not providing tourists with good weather.

Vasilyeva also has a grandson from her daughter Lisa. The boy’s name is Adam.

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