Sep 20, 2022
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Tatyana Totmyanina replenishes the family budget by selling her unnecessary things to fans


Figure skater Tatyana Totmyanina sells her things at low prices, so her subscribers are willing to buy them.

Tatyana Totmyanina is not only a caring mother, a loving wife and a homemaker, she is also distinguished by frugality and economy. The wife of Olympic champion Alexei Yagudin tries not to overspend.

So, the figure skater is a rare guest in boutiques. And if an athlete buys something from new clothes, she will not hesitate to return the item to the store if she doesn’t like it or doesn’t fit.

Tatyana Totmyanina
Tatyana Totmyanina

I did a lot of work in my wardrobe last year. Before, I was embarrassed, and then I took it and started a special page on the social network, where I began to post things at some minimum prices.

And thanks to this, I got rid of 80% of my wardrobe. The understanding has come that things are needed much less than we used to buy, frenzied consumerism has gone“, – quotes the words of Tatyana Totmyanina.

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