Apr 20, 2021
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Tatyana Totmianina admitted that she hid from Alexei Yagudin the grave condition of their youngest daughter immediately after her birth

09:27, 04/20/2021

In 2015, Michelle Yagudina spent a week in intensive care.

Tatyana Totmianina became the heroine of the new edition of the show “The Fate of Man”. The 39-year-old Olympic champion frankly told Boris Korchevnikov about her childhood, remembering how she and her mother Natalia Vasilievna were often forced to spend the night away from home due to the attacks of the mentally ill grandmother. An elderly relative literally survived them from the apartment, but they could not assign her to a specialized institution.

“My grandmother tried to hang herself every night, my dad could not resist and left, and my mother thought that he had betrayed her. It was impossible to stay in the apartment because it was life-threatening. I remember getting up on the windowsill and shouting out the window: “Save my mom!” We spent the night with my mother in the warehouse. There was no socialization. I was afraid to invite my friends home, ”Tatiana shared.

Tatyana Totmianina with her mother. Archive photo

Totmianina’s mother, despite the constrained circumstances and lack of money, was able to make Tatyana become a professional figure skater. She supported Tanya in many ways, could give her a “magic pendel” for the good of her daughter. Therefore, when in 2009 Nadezhda Totmyanina, having got into an accident, died due to serious brain damage, the athlete took it as a blow of fate.

Another test was the birth in 2015 of the youngest daughter of Tatiana and her chosen one Alexei Yagudin. Michelle, according to the recollections of the sports star, she appeared ahead of schedule, and immediately after birth, almost a week was in intensive care. The girl’s dad was not present at the birth, so he came to see his wife and daughter a little later. Totmianina hid from him that something was wrong with the child. “When Michelle was born, Lesha flew to Moscow for just a few hours. He was taken to intensive care, but he did not know anything about his daughter’s condition. I asked the doctors to give Lesha a minimum of negative information, because he had to work, and I tried to hide everything. On a subconscious level, it seemed to me that I had done something wrong somewhere, and a misfortune happened. Now, looking at Michelle, you can’t even say that her birth was so difficult, ”said the heroine of“ Human Destiny ”. She noted that now everything is in order with her daughter’s health.

Tatyana Totmianina with Boris Korchevnikov after filming “The Fate of a Man”

We add that a year after the birth of Michel Totmianina and Yagudin decided to legalize their relationship. The skater was in no hurry to take this step, since, according to her, becoming a wife was not her goal, but Alexey insisted. “At some point he got tired of hearing that he was with me just like that and could leave me. It was not me who said this, but the public. Did I feel more confident after that? I felt the same way. Not a single stamp in the passport will change anything. I dreamed of becoming an Olympic champion. I remember how I went to my mother’s work and said to everyone: “Totmianina Tanya. Soviet Union. Olympic champion, ”the skater commented on her wedding with her husband.

Recall that Alexei Yagudin and his wife have two daughters. Older Elizabeth was born in the same year when Totmianina’s mother died. In one of his interviews, the athlete admitted that he did not immediately accept the fact of the birth of the first child and his paternity, as he was afraid that he would not cope with the new status. However, it was he who insisted on Michelle’s appearance. The couple thought about a third daughter, but because of their age they do not dare to take this step.

Tatyana Totmianina and Alexey Yagudin with their daughters

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