Jun 17, 2022
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Tatyana Tarasova intervened in the scandal with Alexandra Trusova


Coach Tatyana Tarasova expressed her opinion about the skater.

Alexandra Trusova cannot forgive herself the second place she won at the last Olympics in Beijing. She was bypassed by Anna Shcherbakova, despite the fact that the figure skater made five quads.

Alexandra Trusova the day before again decided to recall old grievances and gave an interview in which she admitted that she had always worked for a result and a record, but in this case she wanted to get an Olympic gold medal. “Records are always important to me. But this medal, the one that I think I deserved with my performance, was important to me. It is this medal. I don’t regret other medals that I didn’t receive because of my skates. And in Beijing, I tried, I achieved my goal. And only this medal was important to me.“, – said the skater.

Tatyana Tarasova - photo from the archive -
Tatyana Tarasova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

This prick in the direction of Anna Shcherbakova is now being discussed by the whole world of figure skating. Some support the “Russian rocket” (nickname Trusova – approx. “”), while others consider her words incorrect. So, the legendary coach Tatyana Tarasova joined the dispute.

Was there even one judge who put her in first place? Did not have. Probably, resentment speaks in Sasha now. But you have to blame yourself for everything. I think that Sasha’s program is made for many years to come. She is incomparable to anyone. If she skated cleanly, the gold would really be hers. And if Sasha rides dirty, then there is no point in talking about something and being offended. You have to look for shit in yourself, not in others, as my dad used to say.“, the coach announced.

It should be noted that 17-year-old Trusova expressed her dissatisfaction after the performance and threw a tantrum in the room under the stands, which the whole world saw. Then she refused to be photographed with the medal and even forgot it for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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