Nov 23, 2022
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Tatyana Tarasova believes that Danya Milokhin should be expelled from Russia


Coach Tatyana Tarasova spoke harshly about the act of the young star.

Danya Milokhin is on everyone’s lips again. Recently, during a stream on social networks, he unexpectedly decided to sing the anthem of Ukraine, which caused the anger of the public.

Before the audience had time to recover after the demonstrative departure of Dani Milokhin from the show “Ice Age”, he plunged into a new scandal. The blogger sang the anthem of Ukraine during a stream with Ukrainian tiktoker Artur Babich. The act, to put it mildly, is out of the ordinary, given that our soldiers are now fighting against the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Milokhin’s behavior is actively discussed in social networks, and his number of his subscribers has sharply decreased. Danya is condemned by both public figures and important people in the world of culture and sports. For example, the honored coach of Russia Tatyana Tarasova was shocked by the young man’s act.

Tatyana Tarasova - photo from the archive -
Tatyana Tarasova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

People who sing the anthem of Ukraine should live in Ukraine! I don’t think about Milokhin at all“, said Tatyana Tarasova.

Recall that the legendary mentor, even after the scandalous departure of Dani from the show, sharply criticized his behavior. Tatyana Anatolyevna called his act not masculine and said that no one would work with the blogger anymore.

Note that Danya is one of the few representatives of blogging who was able to get out of the Web and become a big star thanks to his participation in various TV shows and a secular lifestyle. In particular, last year he, along with Evgenia Medvedeva, skated in the Ice Age, which is why he was invited to the second season.

However, Milokhin, having spoken several times, suddenly decided to withdraw from participation and recorded a video in which he announced: “I’m leaving“. Experts say that such a demarche can cost a young blogger dearly, both in terms of money (according to rumors, he has already been fined several million rubles), and in terms of reputation: no one else wants to work with him.

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