Nov 19, 2022
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Tatyana Sudets got hooked on playing in a casino after the death of her son


The host of the Good Night, Kids program, Tatyana Sudets, survived a terrible tragedy that turned her into a gamer.

Soviet viewers know TV presenter Tatyana Sudets from the program “Good night, kids!”. Smiling “Aunt Tanya” wished them a peaceful sleep, after which they went to bed. No one could even imagine what kind of drama the charming and reserved star of the old school was hiding in herself.

After the murder of her 24-year-old son, who was robbed and buried in the forest, the presenter could not afford to cry. At work, she smiled with a learned smile, but at home she could not relax because of her mother, whom she did not want to injure once again. There was no consolation from her alcoholic husband either. Sudets found a way out in a casino, where excitement allowed her to get rid of pain for a while.

Tatyana Sudets in
Tatyana Sudets in “Good night, kids!”. Transfer frame

I couldn’t cry at home, my mother was there. She was also very worried. At work, too, it was impossible to sob. That is why I sat down at these machines, mindlessly pressed the button and cried“, – recalls the celebrity.

She admitted that sometimes she won, but more often luck was not on her side. “Yes, I won and lost 14 cars. There was also a one-room apartment. But I prefer to say that I left them“, – said Tatyana Aleksandrovna on the air of Andrey Malakhov’s show.

Having lost everything she had, she began to borrow from friends and acquaintances. But she always repaid her debts, she was taught to do this from childhood. It is not known what would have happened to the 75-year-old screen star now if the war with gambling establishments had not begun in Russia.

Now she gives herself to her family. Her marriage did not work out, the third husband died a few years after the death of her son, but she has a daughter, Daria, and three grandchildren.

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