Sep 12, 2020
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Tatyana Navka published a photo from her 6-year-old daughter’s ballet class

19:53, 09/11/2020

The skater said that Nadezhda is growing up as a versatile child.

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Dskater Tatyana Navka and the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov were born on August 21, 2014. Until the moment of Nadia's birth, her parents secretly met for several years. Tatiana and Dmitry met in 2010 at a social event. In an interview, Tatyana said that Peskov first recognized her from an advertisement for hair dye, in which Navka was then filmed. Although at the same time, the figure skater performed in the Ice Age show on Channel One.

Navka and Peskov stopped hiding their relationship only after the birth of their daughter. In the same year, the politician divorced his wife, after which he immediately made a marriage proposal to the skater. On August 1, 2015, Navka and Peskov officially formalized their relationship. A magnificent wedding was played in Sochi at the Rodina Grand Hotel & SPA on the Black Sea coast.

Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Pevtsov

Navka loves the youngest daughter. She regularly shares joint photos with Nadezhda, and also takes her with her to events and uses her in her ice shows. 21 years August girl sendcelebrated her sixth birthday. In honor of the joyful event, the skater dedicated them with Dmitry Peskov to her daughter a touching publication in her microblog on Instagram. The next day, Navka again dedicated the publication to her six-year-old daughter. The athlete decided to share a touching video, which included archival photographs with Nadia Peskova, starting with pictures from the hospital and ending with recently taken frames.

Today Tatiana Navka told in her microblog in Instagramthat her daughter is growing up as a versatile child, and Nadia's favorite hobby is ballet. "My ballerina... Every year in the fall, the opening of the theater season begins, and we have the opening of our own - comprehensively developing: foreign languages, training, ballet, music, classes, visits to museums and theaters.Training for pleasure (not always of course), classes with a smile and dancing with a soul, our ballet teacher adheres to this principle, which I personally am very impressed with, and Nadia likes the classes and dances themselves!", - wrote the athlete (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. - Prim. line.)

Tatyana Navka published a photo from her 6-year-old daughter's ballet class

Note that inAugust there were rumors about Tatyana Navka's third pregnancy. Journalists drew attention to the fact that the wife of Dmitry Peskovmore and more often began to wear loose clothes that hid her figure and began to appear less often. In addition, there were suggestions that the athlete refused to participate in the "Ice Age" due to pregnancy. However, the skater denied and ridiculed the arguments about the imminent replenishment in her family. Yesterday Tatiana posted on her Instagram microblog her impressions of the start of the show. This time Navka turned out to be one of the Ice Age jury members. The athlete admitted that for the first time she will evaluate the skating of adult couples and for her this role is difficult and not familiar.

Tatiana Navka

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