Jan 3, 2022
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Tatyana Navka is thinking about changing her surname


Figure skater Tatyana Navka announced that she wants to take her husband’s surname.

The athlete announced after the KVN final in the Major League that she would discuss with her husband Dmitry Peskov a possible change of her name.

Wonderful evening tonight. The team members just gave us and the whole country. Super jokes. About Peskov. I think that now it will be necessary to reflect. We will discuss at home“, Said Tatiana Navka.

Tatiana Navka with her husband
Tatiana Navka with her husband

As Navka noted, she is grateful to all the teams for the game. “Belarusians. Thank you for the song. Made me cry. It was cool. Guys, we wish everyone a Happy New Year and new happiness. Well, don’t get sick, of course“, – said Navka.

Earlier, the members of the “Irresistible Joe” team jokingly stated that Tatiana Navka was not serious about her relationship with Dmitry Peskov in marriage. The reason is that Navka is still under her maiden name.

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