Jun 13, 2022
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Tatyana Lazareva’s husband is not going to return home


The husband of the artist Tatyana Lazareva, Mikhail Shats spoke about his future.

Mikhail Shats has recently settled in Israel. There he is looking for new sources of income and plans to continue performing in the stand up style. It’s just that he doesn’t think about returning to his homeland.

The comedian said that he was attacked by unknown persons because of his statements about what is happening in the world. He could no longer be in an anxious state and left the country with his eldest daughter. Note that the comedian’s wife has been living in the resort town of Spain since 2016 with her youngest heiress Antonina. There she rents a villa and profits from organizing “meaningful dinners”. Schatz followed the example of his wife, only he chose Israel to live, not Spain.

There were some threats. I can’t say that I experienced serious pressure that forced me to do something. But it was unpleasant. These were anonymous calls, messages. Then I spent a month in St. Petersburg. I would stay in Russia only in a single case – if my daughter stayed too. But we made a joint decision and left”, – shared the 57-year-old author of the OSP-studio program.

Tatyana Lazareva with her husband - photo from the archive -
Tatyana Lazareva with her husband – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The artist is full of creative plans and plans to restart the podcast “Dad, close the door” in Israel. The project is dedicated to the relationship between parents and children. The comedian hosted the show with his 23-year-old daughter Sophie. Now Schatz is preparing to shoot an audio program.

The comedian is not going to return to the territory of the Russian Federation. “I generally allow everything now. Really. It’s hard, it’s hard to accept it, but what can you do, such a life. I can’t predict what will happen next, but so far so far, ”the actor explained to the Current Time Internet channel.

Recently, Tatyana Lazareva spread rumors about a divorce, but did not rule out that she could fall in love with another man. Despite the denials, all a certain crisis and misunderstandings in the relationship can be traced. “It turned out that everyone now lives their own separate life. We also had a common television project, he held us very tightly. Then he was gone and everyone began to do something different”, The 55-year-old humorist shared earlier.

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