Feb 19, 2021
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Tatyana Lazareva told why she is not invited to television


Artist Tatyana Lazareva has long lived in another country.

The actress spoke about how she lives now. The actress is used to actively expressing her civic position, without fear that for this she could be deprived of her job.

Once Tatiana Lazareva was one of the main comedic actresses in the country. Together with Mikhail Shats, she starred in series, worked on television programs. And then at one point the star disappeared from the screens. Lazareva herself explains such a sharp change in her career with her active civic position.

I feel quite free in our country. What have I got to lose now? You can only kill me now. The rest was already done in 2012. Therefore, I am not afraid to say what I think. I respect people with a different point of view and I want them to respect me too“, – said Tatiana.

Tatiana Lazareva
Tatiana Lazareva

By the way, Lazareva’s husband Mikhail Shats is now working on television and is hosting the show “It was in the evening.” But Tatyana has not yet received any offers to return to TV. “Misha is working, yes. He even offered to return me to someone there, but they said: “No, we are calling you, but we will not.” Yes, and YouTube is good for me. Here you can do the same, but not spend a lot of money.“, – the artist is sure.

Tatiana is actively developing her YouTube channel and hosts several shows dedicated to children and socially significant events. The star does not feel a deficit in work. Now Lazareva is much more concerned about her emotional and psychological state, rather than career prospects. About three years ago, the artist was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and even thought about suicide.

With age, challenges become more and more, tests become more and more. It must be remembered that you are the first for yourself. That no one cares about you but yourself. The main thing is not to turn into a rag. I was then morally exhausted, I brought myself up. Also, remember that if you are running out of energy, be kind enough to stop and recover. You need to treat yourself completely differently“, – said Lazareva on the air of the YouTube show” Petya likes to drink. “

Over time, the actress managed to cope with depression. Now Lazareva is trying not to think about the bad. Even in the most difficult moments, her relatives support her, who are always ready to listen.

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