Jun 5, 2022
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Tatyana Lazareva spoke about a divorce from Mikhail Shats


Actress Tatyana Lazareva spoke about her relationship with her husband Mikhail Shats.

The disgraced comedian has finally shed light on her marital status. The actress denied the rumors about the breakup with her husband. However, Lazareva does not exclude that she may fall in love with another man.

Union Lazareva and Schatz has undergone many trials. Spouses for a long time practically did not depart a single step from each other. They were engaged in joint projects, and also participated in various shows. Rumors about discord in the family of comedians have been around for a long time. Fans suspected that the couple had ended their marriage a long time ago. It turned out that the couple is still together.

Misha also left Moscow, and flew to Israel to look for some kind of application for his stand-up activities, apparently. He needs to develop himself and continue to do something, earn. We have the same status – we are married, we are not divorced. I don’t know, everyone is looking forward to it. We’ll probably get divorced someday. It turned out that everyone now lives their own separate life. We also had a common television project, he held us very tightly. Then he was gone and everyone began to do something different”, — shared the 55-year-old artist.

Tatyana Lazareva with her ex-husband - photo from the archive - “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”
Tatyana Lazareva with her husband – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

It turns out that the marriage of a star couple was held by common interests in the profession. Now, it seems, there is a certain coldness and crisis in the relationship of the spouses. Nevertheless, Lazareva and Schatz are in no hurry to get divorced. Tatiana has been living in Spain for a long time, separated from her husband. Since 2016, together with her youngest daughter, she settled abroad, while her chosen one chose to stay in Moscow.

Saving a marriage is such a forced story. When people live long, they should be determined. Either they find an opportunity to respect each other and move at their own pace, or they disperse. People mature in different ways, but meet at the same stage. We are so different. Misha is bothered by this. We were always together and did one thing, and when he was gone, we were just at a loss. The main confusion was – what else is holding us?“- Tatyana explained in the show” And to talk?

It is known that earlier, when talking about problems in the family, Tatyana saw the reason in something else. Relations with her husband deteriorated due to her incurable disease – ulcerative colitis. The antidepressants that the artist has to take have a side effect in the form of emotional disorders, which were reflected in communication with Schatz. Now the star does not exclude that she may fall in love with another man, but this will not happen until she is officially married to Mikhail.

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