Aug 20, 2022
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Tatyana Lazareva admitted that she could not spread her legs like other stars


Leading Tatyana Lazareva said that she did not take place in life because of her position.

The comedian speaks with irony about famous TV presenters. Tatyana believes that screen stars use their popularity correctly, while she does not know how to benefit from useful acquaintances.

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Tatyana Lazareva now lives in Spain. Abroad, the artist actively gives interviews, speaks about the situation in the world in social networks, and appears on television. The former star of the O.S.P. Studio program jokingly complains about the inability to correctly prioritize and regrets that she lives only one day. She also assures that she adheres to her own principles and does not want to make money from her popularity, as others do.

Tatyana Lazareva - photo from the archive -
Tatyana Lazareva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

I do not know how to use my acquaintances to achieve my goal, because I am a chicken. I don’t have a goal. I have a hell of a lot of people now, the richest oligarchs. I had opportunities on television with some bosses while I was still unmarried to stir up something there. But why? I can’t do two-movers, not to mention the three-movers that Xenia and Tina are famous for. And I bow before them, this is such a quality! I just don’t have it”, says the 56-year-old comedian.

Despite the anti-Russian position, the artist does not exclude that she can return to her homeland. She does not know exactly when this will happen, but she is sure of her desire.

I also want to live in Russia, I don’t say at all that I came to Spain, assimilated, I speak Spanish, I go to Spanish schools and I’m going to live here. Yes no at all”, – admitted Lazareva in the You-tube channel “Normal People”.

Earlier, Tatyana said that life in Europe is very expensive, you have to give a lot of money to maintain a villa in Marbella. As you know, the artist faced a lot of hate from her compatriots, but she does not pay attention to the persecution.

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