Oct 15, 2021
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Tatyana Bulanova spoke about the relationship with a young lover


Singer Tatyana Bulanova in an interview told how Valery Rudnev found a common language with her children.

52-year-old singer of the hit “Clear my light” meets with 33-year-old Valery Rudnev. The artist’s boyfriend is only five years older than her son Alexander, whom the singer gave birth to in marriage with musician Nikolai Tagrinov. Tatiana is also raising her second son, 14-year-old Nikita, born of football player Vladislav Radimov.

The artist admitted that Rudnev managed to quickly find a common language with her children. The businessman immediately showed himself to be a caring and attentive man.

My eldest son was admitted to the hospital with a coronavirus in the summer. I could not find a place for myself, because literally two weeks before that, a close friend of mine had died from the coronavirus. Valera called Sasha at the hospital, monitored his health. It would seem a trifle, but it is important. Children generally accepted Valery well. Sasha, of course, communicates less with him, lives separately. And Nikita is constantly with him and perceives Valera as a member of the family“, – shared Bulanova.

Tatiana Bulanova
Tatiana Bulanova

The athlete also courted the artist when she fell ill with coronavirus. The young man also became infected, he suffered an illness worse than the performer.

But to conquer the very star of the 90s was not easy. The pop diva admitted that at first Valery did not impress her.

Once we met with a friend, and she said: “I want to introduce you to one person.” A month and a half passed, we met with her at one event, and she says: “The grooms will come.” I didn’t even understand what it was about. I did not go to any bride or acquaintance. Although Valery, in my opinion, was just going to get acquainted. When I saw him for the first time, I can’t say that he impressed me, although Valery is a nice, nice guy. But then he behaved himself so correctly that the age difference disappeared somewhere.“, – admitted the singer in an interview with” 7 days “.

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