Oct 16, 2021
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Tatyana Bulanova spoke about the harassment


52-year-old singer Tatyana Bulanova spoke emotionally about women who talk about harassment.

Honored Artist of Russia appreciated the revelations of the victims of harassment. The pop star noticed that it is now fashionable to tell shocking stories about sex crimes. Tatiana believes that in many cases the information is distorted or does not correspond to reality at all.

A resident of St. Petersburg is not close to the #metoo movement, which has spread widely in society. She assured that colleagues and producers never harassed her.

In general, for me the word harassment is a shame. If you became famous and now suddenly declare what you had to go through for your career, who are you then? If we are talking about a woman, then this is a prostitute. She sold herself, achieved the desired goal and now decided, without fear of anything, to tell that someone was molesting her. If this happened to me, I would never tell about it. Ashamed! After all, by doing so, you admit that you have been successfully seduced. Now, if women talked about it right away or refused to have sex, that’s another matter.“, – Bulanova said emotionally.

Tatiana Bulanova
Tatiana Bulanova

The performer of the hit “My Clear Light” often faced abuse from men. This happened both at work and in personal life. It was not a physical impact, but psychological pressure.

Morally they pressed on me. Probably, I just have a strong character, and not every man next to him can endure a woman. Resentment, envy, jealousy of success arise. And naturally, the person starts to recoup“, – pointed out Bulanova.

The singer unsuccessfully ran for the State Duma. She believes that it is the deputies who should evaluate the scandalous work of Morgenstern. At the same time, Tatyana does not know a single track of the shocking rapper.

I heard the name, I know what he looks like. But my children do not listen to this. If they want to ban his songs, then, probably, it is necessary to collect some kind of commission, to establish how such creativity negatively affects people“, – emphasized Bulanova.

Tatyana does not support criticism of Olga Buzova, with whom she recently performed on the same stage. “Olya goes out and does it. Someone likes her work, someone does not – so what, you won’t be nice to everyone. For example, I would be ashamed to go to the theater, because I understand my capabilities and would be afraid of unflattering assessments. Everyone says: fu-fu, shame, nightmare! Nothing is a nightmare. If people were not interested, they would not even know who Buzova was. And they know, that is, they themselves contribute to her popularity.“, – said the artist in an interview with” KP “.

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