Oct 29, 2021
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Tatyana Bulanova confessed her feelings for Aljay


Singer Tatyana Bulanova regrets that she is aged.

The artist follows the idols of young people and is especially sympathetic to Elj. The singer would not mind meeting the rapper, although she believes that they have too much age difference for a romantic connection.

There has been a lot of interest in the personal life of 52-year-old Tatyana Bulanova recently. After a divorce from Vladislav Radimov, the artist bathed in male attention for a long time. But she decided on a relationship only recently. Her chosen one was 33-year-old Valery Rudnev.

I am not married, so I say that I am free. But I have a boyfriend. He’s younger than me“, – said the star on the air of the YouTube show” Musicality “.

Tatiana Bulanova
Tatiana Bulanova

In a new relationship, Bulanova is quite happy, but this does not prevent her from looking at her young colleagues. So, the artist admitted that she is very sympathetic to the rapper Aljay. “I like Aljay. He’s divorced, and so am I. But I’m probably too old for him. Although who knows“, – said the singer.

Of course, the artist’s revelations confused Maxim Galkin a lot, but he still managed to joke. “Do not worry, Nastka Ivleeva was also older than him. Ascending will go. You just need to find out if Nastya took the Bugatti from him, otherwise you will ride the minibus“, – said the presenter.

Recall that recently Aljay finally parted ways with Nastya Ivleeva. After the divorce, almost all the property went to the TV presenter. According to rumors, now the rapper’s financial situation is poor. The musician hasn’t had hit tracks for a long time. However, the artist does not despair and continues to improve creatively.

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