Oct 16, 2021
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Tatyana Bulanova admitted that she spends more than she earns


52-year-old singer Tatyana Bulanova said that she has no savings.

Bulanova has been performing on stage for 30 years. Many of her songs have become hits. However, the artist did not postpone finances for a rainy day. The pop star admitted that she is used to spending money faster than it appears.

No matter how much money you make, it tends to end. Especially now, when everything is on sale. This was nothing in the nineties. And now you go to any store to buy an eye cream and buy one or two, five or ten at once. As a result, you leave with an empty wallet and some unnecessary purchases. Once, about 20 years ago, I accidentally crossed paths in a club with my friend Professor Lebedinsky. He says: “Tanya, the last 5000 dollars is in the safe, what should I do ?!”. To be honest, I was so jealous of him, because I didn’t even have 1000. Money comes and goes to me. I have no savings, and in general I behave very illiterate in money matters. My expense always exceeds my income“, – admitted Tatiana.

Tatiana Bulanova
Tatiana Bulanova

Recently, the artist was going to run for the State Duma. She admitted that she wanted to change something in the country, and the deputy salary of 450 thousand rubles is attractive for Bulanova. “I think this is very decent. Although I understand: if you really work, and not just sit in the Duma and portray an intelligent person, then this work is certainly hellish. We need to communicate with the population, solve pressing issues, look for ways out … If someday I find myself in the deputy chair, then something has changed in this country. I understand that people do not go to work, but to pump out the loot and are afraid of losing their tidbits. I wanted to somehow change everything, but apparently it’s not time yet“, – said the star on the air of the radio” Komsomolskaya Pravda “.

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