Dec 28, 2020
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Tatyana Brukhunova’s husband gave her jewelry for two hundred thousand

Tatyana Brukhunova's husband gave her jewelry for two hundred thousand

The 31-year-old wife of the humorist Tatyana Brukhunova boasted an expensive gift from her husband.

Evgeny Vaganovich has recently been noticed with his young assistant Alexandra. In a secular crowd, they started talking about the fact that Tatyana should be concerned about the strength of her marriage – this is how her love story with a TV presenter began. But Petrosyan assured that his wife had nothing to worry about. Moreover, the artist demonstrates his feelings in the most graphic way.

During the pandemic, many stars were left without a significant part of their income. The situation of Yevgeny Vaganovich was aggravated by the trial with his ex-wife Elena Stepanenko, because of which the humorist’s accounts were arrested. But Petrosyan finds an opportunity to make expensive gifts to the mother of his son Vagan.

A touching present was waiting for Tatyana at home. On the table, she found two small boxes with the logo of the luxury store Van Cleef & Arpels. The impressed insta star filmed what she saw and shared the frame with fans. “When you are loved, the grayest Monday is not so sad“, – signed the photo Brukhunova.

Tatyana Brukhunova showed boxes with expensive jewelry -
Tatyana Brukhunova showed boxes with expensive jewelry –

The girl showed the contents of one of the boxes on herself during a beauty experiment. Tatiana drew neat arrows in front of her eyes, and small Sweet Alhambra studs with yellow gold and onyx got into the frame. The cost of a quatrefoil decoration is 190 thousand rubles. The collection, inspired by one of the main symbols of good luck, was created in 1968.

The fans were intrigued by the gift to Tatiana. “Did the husband choose or did they hint?“- asked one of the subscribers. Another fan answered her. “Apparently, this is a gift for the wedding anniversary.“, – she clarified.

Many followers left compliments to Brukhunova. “Recently followed you (why didn’t I do this earlier?). Before that I only knew that you were a “predator” who took Petrosyan away. Oh my God! What nonsense! You are wonderful! Kind, open, smart beauty! ”,“ What a wonderful complexion ”,“ You have such a pleasant voice ”,“ How beautiful you are!“- expressed the users.

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