Nov 6, 2021
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Tatyana Brukhunova showed how you can elegantly cover up bruises on your face


The 32-year-old wife of humorist Petrosyan, Tatyana Brukhunova, told subscribers why bruises appeared on her face.

Just the day before, Yevgeny Petrosyan’s young wife was pleased with a photo from the play “8 loving women” at the Mossovet Theater, and today she is hiding bruises under a high-necked sweater. What could have happened to Tatyana Brukhunova, who always demonstrates her optimism in the microblog.

As it turned out, the wife of the 76-year-old permanent presenter of “Crooked Mirror” started having problems with wisdom teeth. Brukhunova took advantage of the holidays to radically solve the problem. That is, get rid of them. To do this, she went to the dentist. But here, too, it was not without an annoying incident, in the process of removing a bruise on the cheek in an incredible way. It is now that Tatyana is hiding it under the collar of her sweater. Fortunately, the weather allows you to wear just such a cozy and warm clothes.

Tatiana Brukhunova
Tatiana Brukhunova

I elegantly cover the bruise on my cheek. 😙Farewell, wisdom teeth! 😷PS Sweaters appeared very soft and cozy. 👌🏻“, – signed a picture on Instagram Brukhunova.

In the comments, subscribers immediately began to ironically: “The headlines of the yellow press for today: “Petrosyan’s young wife covers up a bruise on her face – family showdowns – not otherwise! 😎”“. But one commentator confidently stated: “I think Petrosyan has no family squabbles and never will, he is an intelligent, decent man, he will not allow himself this.“.

Fans also asked what happened to Tatyana’s teeth, and she replied that she clearly follows the recommendations of her specialist: “After several years of observation, the doctor recommended removing. The upper ones were removed after the birth of Vagan. Lower after a year and a half. Unfortunately, they stopped in the middle of the way, that is, they did not completely crawl out, thus increasing the load on the adjacent teeth and changing the bite, grinding off the enamel. “

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