Sep 14, 2022
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Tatyana Brukhunova boasted of her professional skills


The wife of the comedian Petrosyan, Tatyana Brukhunova, told why she is indispensable as the director of the theater of variety miniatures.

It has long been no secret that the romance of Yevgeny Petrosyan and Tatyana Brukhunova began long before the artist’s divorce from Elena Stepanenko. The current wife of the comedian began to work for him as an assistant, was a member of his house and eventually won the heart of an elderly artist.

Over the past few years, Tatyana has grown not only personally, becoming a wife and mother, but also professionally – now she is the director of Petrosyan and manages all the processes related to the activities of the humorist. In “storis”, the 32-year-old wife of the artist boasted that she had universal skills, so she was absolutely irreplaceable.

Tatyana Brukhunova
Tatyana Brukhunova – Instagram archive (prohibited organization on the territory of the Russian Federation)

Any leadership position involves multitasking. Due to the fact that the artistic director of our theater (we are talking about Petrosyan) has several TV projects, my functions extend to this area. It’s too long for me to list everything. I am a generalist, I can do everything if necessary”, Tatyana reported.

However, Brukhunova’s serious tone did not save her from numerous jokes about her amazing skills and hints that they helped the brunette lure Petrosyan.

So this is what Yevgeny Petrosyan, married at that time to Stepanenko, bought into. Tank wagon. So let’s write”, Internet users teased the humorist’s wife.

It is worth noting that Brukhunova reacts very painfully to criticism in social networks and is no longer averse to quarreling with followers who seem tactless to her, and then blocking her.

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