Aug 21, 2022
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Tattoos and MRI: is there a danger?

Tattoos and MRI: is there a danger?

German scientists tested whether tattoos pose a danger to a patient during an MRI procedure.

Among the inhabitants, it is quite common to believe that tattoos on the body are a contraindication to performing this type of examination. Tattoo owners are afraid of burns and other damage, in addition, they are afraid of a possible carcinogenic effect and provoking other dangerous diseases, because. The composition of the ink includes different chemical compounds. Employees of the Institute Max Planck, together with colleagues from University College London, conducted a study involving 330 volunteers. The authors of the experiment assessed the condition of 932 tattoos at their disposal before and after the MRI procedure. They were interested in the size of the images, their color, as well as the circumstances of the application.

Only in one case was a side effect of MRI in the form of a slight tingling sensation of the skin in the area of ​​the tattoo. However, this was an isolated case, and the sensations themselves disappeared after a day without any medical intervention. In other cases, neither scientists nor the volunteers themselves noted side effects.

The results obtained indicate a low risk of adverse effects of MRI for patients with tattoos.

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