Jan 11, 2022
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Tatiana Volosozhar spoke about the operation she experienced


Figure skater Tatyana Volosozhar suffered on the Ice Age show.

This is not the first time an athlete has faced health problems. Old injuries make themselves felt, but the star does not despair. So this time she did not worry about the necessary operation, without further hesitation went to the hospital.

And now, a day later, Tatiana got in touch, saying that she felt good. Now she has a long recovery ahead of her. “The operation was successful, everything is fine. What is needed in the knee was sewn up, stitched. I asked for anesthetic only in the evening. Now the main thing is to calmly recover, the process is not quick. I hope I have enough patience. Thanks to everyone who sincerely empathized and worried“, – Volosozhar emphasized.

Tatiana Volosozhar after surgery
Tatiana Volosozhar after surgery

Of course, the skater was immediately supported by colleagues and fans. They wished her a speedy recovery. “Tanya, everything will be fine. We believe in you ”; “The main thing is that the operation is over. Do not worry and heal calmly “; “Very happy about you. Hopefully no more surgery is required“, – the fans shared in the comments.

It is not yet known when Volosozhar will be discharged from the clinic. The athlete herself admitted that she was satisfied with the work of the staff and the hospital ward. “I named this day: “my sanatorium”. They feed me, they take care of me so! Everything is fine“, – said the champion.

Tatiana has repeatedly said that old injuries are constantly making themselves felt. But even health problems do not prevent the skater from conquering new career heights. Volosozhar constantly performs in ice shows, while managing to work on television shows.

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