Jan 10, 2022
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Tatiana Volosozhar needed medical attention after the ice show


Figure skater Tatyana Volosozhar spoke about the upcoming operation after the show.

On January 8, the final of the next season of the Ice Age show took place, the winners of which were figure skater Tatyana Volosozhar and actor Fedor Fedotov. Just a few hours ago, the athlete shared her emotions about the end of the project and announced her upcoming planned hospitalization.

Volosozhar still cannot believe that she has become the favorite of the popular ice show on Channel One.

Yes! Hooray! Now we can officially rejoice: Fedya and I won the Ice Age this season. The realization that everything is over probably comes only now. It was, however, difficult, especially in the end, but insanely exciting! I thought that time would pass and I would formulate a beautiful post where I would share my impressions and emotions. But yesterday Max (husband Maxim Trankov – ed.) And I watched the final episode, and it turned out to be so emotional and exciting, as if it were again transported there, on the ice … And I realized that the whole project was just that – exciting, with falls and rises, but so sincere! He brings so many amazing people together.“, – the 35-year-old sportswoman was deeply moved in her personal blog.

Tatiana Volosozhar
Tatiana Volosozhar

Tatyana also sincerely thanked those who worked on the show and the people who provided her invaluable support. Ahead of Volosozhar is a new fight, but this time for his health. The athlete will have to go under the surgeon’s knife due to a leg injury. Because of this injury, she almost dropped out of the project, but still was able to fight to the end for victory.

Thank you for the thousandth time to all our mentors, everyone who makes “Glacier”, from the technical staff to the operators. You have no idea how much work behind the scenes. Thanks to Fedor, who until the very end was my reliable and loyal partner on the ice! Thanks to my beloved family and team, who are always on my side. And thank you so much because your support is truly invaluable! After each rental, I read all your posts and they were incredibly inspiring. Thanks to you, including Fedya and I, we took this prize. You just have to fix your leg and everything will be perfect. Don’t lose me, I’ll get in touch a day or two after the operation“, – the skater emphasized.

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