Nov 16, 2021
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Tatiana Brukhunova’s son saddled a horse (video)


The humorist Petrosyan’s wife, Tatyana Brukhunova, shared a funny video.

The son of Vagan is growing up in the family of Evgeny Petrosyan. The other day the boy was already a year and eight months old, and on this occasion his mother made an exception, showing how the baby had grown.

And this time, my mother made a video of how the boy “saddled” the horse, swinging strongly and at the same time confidently holding himself in the saddle. Brukhunova put the music from a film about the musketeers, and the whole plot turned out.

It is extremely rare that Tatyana Brukhunova removes her heir for microblogging, Evgeny Petrosyan showed the boy only once, on his birthday. But from the frames that appear on the social network, subscribers were convinced that Vagan is a small copy of his mother.

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