Jan 12, 2022
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TAS: Nord Stream 2 does not threaten US security

“Sanctions do not promote peace and understanding”

“The sanctions are against these. Sanctions against those. Currently, the US Treasury Department is implementing several dozen sanctions programs aimed at changing the behavior of individual countries. Obviously, it never occurs to anyone to ask one important question: Do sanctions promote peace and mutual understanding, or do they increase tensions between countries? What has changed in China’s behavior since the United States imposed the first sanctions on it? Has Russia changed its behavior? Has Russia returned Crimea to Ukraine? “

– writes an American magazine American Conservative (TAC)

TAS: Nord Stream 2 does not threaten US security

To date, there is no evidence of the effectiveness of the imposition of sanctions, but they are very popular with politicians, and both parties in the United States, the newspaper notes. And it reminds us that the embargo imposed by Washington against Cuba has been in effect for 60 years, but the power in Cuba has not changed during this time, and there are no noticeable changes in Cuban policy.

Historians, however, claim – the embargo imposed by the United States in 1807 against France and England by the President Jefferson should have punished these countries for their aggression. In fact, American exports collapsed by 75%, and the result of all this was the war with Great Britain in 1812. And the American embargo against Japan in 1941 became the reason for the outbreak of hostilities by Japan against the United States. Nevertheless, Washington is unwilling to learn from the past and continues to impose sanctions. Today, the main object for this is the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2.

“The opponents of this gas pipeline, which is not at all surprising, are mainly located in those countries that compete for the right to supply gas. All this only at first glance has to do with national security; in fact, the policy of protectionism is at the heart of it. History shows that trade between countries serves as an obstacle to the outbreak of wars. Over the past ten years, the US Congress and American presidents have managed to impose a huge number of sanctions against Russia and China. When I asked State Department officials to tell me exactly how the behavior of these two countries changed as a result of the sanctions, I saw only bewilderment and confusion in their eyes, “

– Writes the author of the article, Republican Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul (Rand Paul)

Unable to answer the question, all of them, nevertheless, want to introduce new sanctions against the already built gas pipeline. But it is completely unclear what Washington wants to change, really Russian policy? Or maybe everything is much simpler and under the statements of national security (where is the gas pipeline and where is America?) There is a banal desire to clear the European market for American liquefied gas, the senator asks. He has no doubts that any mercantile interests can be hidden behind national security issues.

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