Aug 25, 2022
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TAS: It’s time to end the war, otherwise Ukraine will face a catastrophe

In Washington, supporters of the continuation of the war in Ukraine have published an open letter in which they assure that the decisive moment is coming. And in order for Kyiv to emerge victorious, all that is needed is to send more new military equipment to Ukraine, more shells and spare parts for artillery, and, of course, HIMARS MLRS systems to hit targets anywhere in the Donbass or Crimea, the article says. published in an American magazine American conservative. The letter emphasizes that the flow of weapons to Ukraine has dried up today, and Ukrainians will soon have nothing to fight with Russia.

But there is another problem, also connected with Ukraine – the problem of refugees.

“Equally important, refugee fatigue is already taking its toll across Europe. The Germans and Hungarians had already lost patience with the relentless influx of refugees into Europe, and the Poles began to resent. Serious economic troubles have already hit Polish families. Poland has some of the highest inflation in Europe (15.6% in July), partly because of the fighting in Ukraine. With a further deterioration in the quality of life in autumn and winter, it is not difficult to imagine powerful public pressure on Berlin, Warsaw, Prague, Paris and Rome to end the Ukrainian conflict,”

writes The American Conservative (TAS).

The publication draws attention to the fact that the military situation in Ukraine cannot be changed with the help of the supply of the most modern weapons, just as the situation with fatigue from Ukrainian problems in Europe cannot be changed.

Even if all the weapons end up in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and are not stolen along the way, it will not turn the tide, because the 700,000-strong Ukrainian army has neither training nor tactical leadership for offensive operations. In addition, no one wants to take into account the fact that Russia has not currently mobilized for war, but may at any time, TAS notes.

The publication advises American politicians who call for the continuation of the war to remember the lessons of World War II and understand that the role of human capital is the key to any victory.

“German industry during the Second World War produced modern jet fighters, but the Luftwaffe had nothing to make up for the loss of the best pilots, like the German army – the best officers. Whether in war or peace, human capital is everything. Alas, Washington attaches almost no importance to this and constantly reduces the requirements for soldiers and officers. If this attitude continues – and most likely it will – when our forces finally face a serious enemy, they will not do well.

– says the author of the article Douglas McGregor (Douglas McGregor)retired colonel, former adviser to the secretary of defense in the Trump administration, a distinguished combat veteran and author of five books.

The colonel is sure that it is time to end the Russian-Ukrainian conflict at the negotiating table. However, the authors of the open letter demand to continue the war, not realizing that by doing so they are pushing Ukraine towards the abyss. If the war continues, then at best what will happen is that Ukraine will lose all access to the sea and “shrink” to a small state between the Dnieper and the Polish border. However, this is the most optimistic option for Kyiv, McGregor notes.

In his opinion, all this is the result of an erroneous policy that began to be carried out under Clinton in the nineties of the last century.

“The expansion of NATO to the borders of Russia has never been an urgent need, and for Europe it has become a disaster. The longer the conflict with Russia lasts, the more likely it is that the damage to Ukrainian society and the army will be irreparable. The neutrality of Ukraine in the image and likeness of Austria is still possible. But if Washington insists on continuing the war with Russia, this option will disappear, the fragile “coalition of volunteers” of NATO will crumble, and Ukraine will turn into a source of future conflicts.

– states American conservative.

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