Oct 13, 2020
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Tarzan’s mistress wanted to become a surrogate mother for Natasha Koroleva’s child

16:40, 13.10.2020

The artist told how Sergei Glushko met Anastasia Shulzhenko.

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For a month now, the public has been discussing the personal life of Natasha Koroleva and her husband Tarzan. While the singer was away, Sergei Glushko spent time with two girls. The dancer's betrayal became known after the artist's mistresses began to walk on federal channels and talk about the connection with the star. Sergei Glushko after a while admitted the fact of treason.

Natasha Koroleva does not plan to divorce Sergei Glushko, now the singer supports the artist in every possible way and even says that she does not consider his act to be treason. Also, the star decided to tell exactly how the dancer met Anastasia Shulzhenko. The Queen found out that Shulzhenko approached her husband after one of the speeches and offered the services of a surrogate mother - Anastasia was ready to carry a child for Koroleva and Glushko.

Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko

“In his phone it is written like this:“ Nastya is a surrogate ”. This topic has surfaced more than once with Serezha, we actively studied it and once remembered the proposal. Serega got in touch with her, she was dynamic with the meeting for a long time, while in messages she began to flirt and generally stick to it ", - Natasha Koroleva told the publication “Caravan of stories. Collection".

Shulzhenko's cooperation with the Queen's family did not work, and after that the girl visited Tarzan with her friend. Natasha Koroleva believes that Anastasia simply framed her husband. She specially came to his house to make incriminating materials and then go on television programs. The artist believes that the scandal in her family can be beneficial both to the creators of the show and to the girls themselves who want to become more popular.

Anastasia Shulzhenko didn't stop after going to the TV show - the girl wanted to see Tarzan and approached him after one of the performances. However, the artist did not want to communicate with the ex-mistress and pushed her away. Shulzhenko wrote a statement to the police, as, according to her, she received a head injury from a fall. The lawyer of Tarzan's former mistress has already prepared all the documents for the trial. Shulzhenko herself does not stop complaining about feeling unwell and talking about how she practically lost her eyesight.

Anastasia Shulzhenko in the program "Actually"

“What happened, something happened! I never thought that people describing love as a "blow", as "attack" can mean physical violence. Why am I paying so hard now !? For 1.5 years of happiness !? How can a man, strong, gentle, suddenly turn into a person who is bullying you, into a persecutor persecuting you! I am infinitely sorry that they made a farce out of my life. I have nothing personal left, everything is required by the public, everything is slandered and perverted. In the struggle for my good name, I lost all my health: my nerves were at the limit, after falling, my eyes did not see at all, because there were problems anyway. Doctors say, what did you want after a concussion !? - wrote the actress (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged. -

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