Sep 17, 2020
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Tarzan’s mistress made a pregnancy test on the show “Actually”

23:49, 09/16/2020

The result was negative.

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The star family of Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko has been in the center of public attention for the second week. Singer first went to the police, claiming that her cottage had been robbed. Under suspicion fell two women who came to the house of Sergei Glushko during her absence. The singer said that the guests took out of the house of the star family jewelry worth a total of five million rubles. Later it turned out that one of the suspects, 23-year-old Anastasia Shulzhenko, is Glushko's mistress. And two days ago, the girl announced that she was pregnant with Sergei.

After the information spread in the media, Glushko in his microblog on Instagram published an official statement, according to which he and his wife consider everything that happened as a family secret, and forbade the press to spread information about this incident. And yesterday Sergey frankly admitted that he really was in close contact with Anastasia.

Sergey Glushko and Natasha Koroleva

Today the girl took part in the show "Actually" on Channel One, where she talked about her relationship with Sergei Glushko. Anastasia admitted that the famous dancer has always been her idol. Their acquaintance happened at one of the Glushko shows, after which they went to visit him. “Word for word, touch for touch, and everything happened. We saw each other when Seryozha had free time. I have never claimed anything, I just wanted to be there, ”Anastasia admitted.

According to the girl, their relationship lasted more than a year and a half. Recently, the girl decided that she no longer wants to be in the status of a mistress. But after the last meeting with Sergei, which took place on August 19, the girl found out about her pregnancy. Anastasia said that she did the test twice, and both times the result was positive. Ethe show's experts asked the girl to repeat the procedure in the presence of their doctor backstage. This time, the test was negative. The result surprised Shulzhenko so much that she fainted. Having regained consciousness, the girl burst into tears and said that she had never begun to talk about the relationship with Sergei, if she knew for sure that she was not pregnant. “It turns out that I slandered the person, and it's just awful. I don’t understand how this is possible, ”Shulzhenko commented on the situation.

Shot from the show "Actually"

Note that the former lover of Anastasia Shulzhenko stood up for her. Roman Burdeev was in a relationship with a girl during his student years. Then the lovers were tied by the dream of an acting career. They studied at the Krasnodar Institute of Culture, called "kulek", and from the first year they lived together. The couple broke up due to the fact that Anastasia dreamed of the capital, and Roman arranged life in Krasnodar. Burdeev stressed that Anastasia Shulzhenko is a respectable girl from a good family, so she had no reason to steal.

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