Dec 30, 2020
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Tarzan gave Natasha Koroleva an engagement ring for $ 9,000 during the Tribe show

18:12, 29.12.2020

The star couple decided to get married again after 20 years of marriage.

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Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan at the end of last summer found themselves at the center of a scandal. Then it became known that the stripper had cheated on his wife for a long time. The actress Anastasia Shulzhenko became the mistress of Sergei Glushko. For a long time Natasha did not comment on the family drama, and after that she stated that she did not consider it a betrayal and was not going to divorce. Natasha announced in early December that she was tired of betrayal and left to live with the aborigines in Africa. A complete surprise for Natasha, who stopped even thinking about the betrayal of her husband-stripper, was the appearance on the island of Tarzan. The 50-year-old husband found out from the TV channel where his half flew, and went after her. Today in the final series of the reality series “The Tribe” Sergei Glushko again proposed to his wife.

Earlier Tarzan told Natasha that he decided to say goodbye to the past. The first step towards a new life was decisive. Sergei told his wife that he sold the apartment in which he spent time in the company of other girls. Nevertheless, for several episodes, the star couple quarreled and reconciled on the island, and then decided to get married again after 20 years of marriage.

The star couple decided to get married again after 20 years of marriage

In one of the episodes, Tarzan presented the Queen with a ring with a rare and expensive tanzanite stone. This piece of jewelry costs nine thousand dollars. However, the Queen did not immediately agree to continue the marriage. First, the TV star went to the head of the tribe for advice, where the leader blessed the marriage of the star couple. “I no longer thought or wondered that this could happen to me. After 20 years, I am marrying the same person, only in Zanzibar, in a tribe. Isn’t it amazing? ” – the Queen commented on the second wedding.

Tarzan presented Natasha Koroleva with an engagement ring for $ 9,000 as part of the Tribe show

Recall that 2020 turned out to be difficult for Natasha Koroleva. In early autumn, the singer announced that she had been robbed. Then it turned out that suspicion of theft fell on Tarzan’s ex-mistress, who one evening, while the star was not at home, came with a friend to visit the stripper. The suspect was 28-year-old actress Anastasia Shulzhenko, who stated that she was pregnant by the dancer. To stop the flow of unnecessary information, Koroleva’s husband publicly admitted to having a love affair with Shulzhenko and noted that this scandal is beneficial for the media to increase ratings and get traffic. During one of the shows, it turned out that the young actress had lied about expecting a child from the artist’s husband, but managed to publish an intimate video with Tarzan.

Natasha herself did not comment on the rumors of Tarzan’s betrayal for a long time. Only in October, the singer gave an interview to Ksenia Sobchak, in which she said that she did not consider her husband’s misconduct a betrayal. After that, publications appeared in the microblog on Instagram by the Queen, in which she asked to leave her and her family alone. The artist also admitted that she found out with bitterness that those who used to be called her friends were not. At the same time, the performers of the hits “Yellow Tulips” and “Blue Swans” denied that the crisis in relations with her husband led to a divorce.

Anastasia Shulzhenko and Tarzan

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